Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rubio has Never Been Tested

No wonder the GOP hid this contest on a Saturday night! Funny how no one has called out the RNC like the DNC for our Saturday night debates.

So far Rubio is getting his lunch handed to him. Jeb Bush poined out in a podcast that he's never been tested.

Tonight he is being tested and is not doing so well so far.

"The attacks on Marco Rubio began early and aggressively in Saturday’s debate with Chris Christie leading the charge, as he slammed Rubio for memorizing talking points and for his thin record in the Senate, as he declared that Rubio “simply does not have the experience to be president of the United States.”

"Christie urged Republicans not to make the “same mistake we made eight years ago” in electing a first-term senator, Barack Obama."

"When Rubio repeated himself by twice pivoting to the fact that Obama is carrying out his flawed plan for the White House — saying he “knows exactly what he's doing" — Christie pounced. “There it is, the memorized 25-second speech,” Christie slammed.“There it is, everybody.”

When Rubio listed some of his Senate accomplishments, Christie hammered him on that, too, in particular Rubio’s backing of a bill cracking down on Hezbollah, and his spotty attendance record for Senate votes. “That’s not leadership,” Christie said. “That’s truancy.”

"Rubio tried to hit back at Christie over attendance, only to have it boomerang. The Florida senator pointed that Christie only reluctantly went back to New Jersey for 36 hours during a big snow storm. "That had to shame you into going back,” Rubio said.

"Christie shot back — “The shame is, Marco, you would actually criticizes someone for showing up to work."

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Christie nailed him for repeating the same line three times.

Trump also has gotten some good knocks in at Rubio.

Seems like he came in understanding he has to go hard after Rubio. I tweeted him before warning him. Maybe he's listening? LOL.

Harry Enten:

"Of the candidates who finished in the top 3 in Iowa, Trump has come off by far the best so far."

"Now Trump is scoring points against Rubio... What is going on?! I'm in some bizarro world."

"I mean it isn't hard to watch this debate as a GOPer and saying to yourself "Rubio will get crushed in a debate with Clinton."

Sounds good so far.

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