Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Killer Mike's Susan Sarandon Moment

There is a noxious idea out there that somehow we have made all this progress against sexism, so much so, that electing the first female President would be a trivial accomplishment.

Gloria Steinem had to apologize for some comments she wished she had put differently, yet there has been no call for Susan Sarandon's comment at a Bernie rally that women shouldn't vote with their vaginas. 

As I see it there are a few problems problems with that:

1. This insults all women who are supporting Hillary. 

2. It also suggests women don't have a right to desire a female President-and sooner rather than later. 

3. When you realize that a President always has limited political capital, the idea that a qualified, liberal Democratic woman like Hillary would make specifically women's issues more of a priority. 

So there are all kinds of things wrong with what Sarandon said. I had an argument with some Bernie Bros on Twitter about this and finally it always gets to the same place: they don't think gender is an issue. 

Indeed, this is the whole problem with Sarandon's position in a nutshell-she is saying 'Don't vote for gender, vote the issues' as if gender isn't a pretty big issue. 

Now Killer Mike went there last night in introducing Bernie at a historically black college. 

Killer Mike: a uterus doesn't qualify you to be President."

To be sure, there are those trying to give what he said context but many feel that even with context it doesn't get us very far.

Even in context... It makes me uncomfortable

I think the very fact that it's claimed that her win wouldn't be historic shows you how much we are not a post gender society. 

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