Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why I Miss Chris Christie

Jeb Bush should have done something to get some of his funds to Christie.

Christie did the one thing that you have to be grateful for-he unmasked Marco Rubio. I think it's fair to say this is why he finished fifth in NH.

Since NH, though, Rubio has gotten a total pass. At last Saturday's debate, Rubio wasn't touched. Jeb didn't attack him and Trump left him alone.

Watching that town meeting again, I was again struck with how insufferable those long canned speeches of Rubio really are.

He plays the whole, I'm the son of immigrants, and I've had college debt and therefore I understand-despite policies that make it clear he doesn't.

And there is no one to call him out now, it seems. Trump won't do it, evidently.

Maybe it was the mistaken apprehension that Rubio was done after NH. He was not done. He was badly injured but he still needed to be taken out.

In SC according to the RCP average, Rubio is now third at 16.8 percent in SC, just half a percent behind Cruz. Nationally he's at 17 percent, just 5 points behind Cruz and in Nevada he's also in a strong third at 15 percent just 3 points behind Cruz.

While Trump and Cruz are tearing each other apart, Rubio is sneaking up with a very strong third both in coming states and nationally.

Just to be clear, I consider a Rubio win the worst possible outcome. Particularly if you are an American woman. This is someone who doesn't make exceptions even for rape or incest.

So yeah, Christie is a miserable and corrupt bully-need I say Bridgegate? But he did do God's Work on Rubio in NH and he is sorely missed.

If there is a Rubio surge just remember you heard the warnings here first.


  1. Mike, would you have ever worn a Chis Christie shirt in public? Maybe one of his actual shirts... It'd have to be at least a 5XL I'd guess.

  2. I'd wear it to get him back in. I'm a big guy too, you know though even I'm not 5X-I've been know to go 3X. LOL

    1. I went to a big and tall store for the first time last November. I bought 8 1XLT polo style shirts. I was so happy... 2X is what I'd usually get just to cover my waste line... But I discovered I just needed the "T" on there! I felt like Twiggy in there. 1XL was the smallest thing they had. But it was fun... The shirts I bought came in 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL and 7XL... All with and without the "T." Online they went up to 10XLT. I had my friend shopping with me, and had her hold up the 7XL. I'll post a pick.