Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some of Our Thorniest Issues are not Really About Money

I talked about the idea last night that Bernie is arguing for a progressive purity which never has existed before in the Democratic party.

He says you don't take money from Wall St. and then regulate them. But that's what President Obama did with Dodd-Frank.

Bernie laughably tries to compare himself to the ultimate Democratic hero, FDR. But here's the scandal. FDR took money from Wall St as well and then did Glass-Steagall.

A big problem Bernie has had is with non white male voters. He has a one size fits all story about money in politics and big banks. But most women and blacks believe that sexism and racism aren't primarily about someone being paid off by Wall St.

Bernie can't admit it in public too much but he gets he won't do very well with AA voters. However, he hopes to maybe do a little better with Latinos.

But I think he has the same problem with Latinos he has with blacks and women. Take for instance the desire for a crackdown on Latino immigration. This is not because of donor money or Wall St. influence.

Actually it's the opposite-the big Chamber of Commerce guys and the Wall St. donor class are for immigration reform. They've given all this money to GOP politicians and yet failed to move them.

This sort of shows there's no simple quid pro quo. Think about it: Wall St. wants reform and the base is dead set against it and reform has proven DOA.

Latino groups are aware that in this, business interests are not against reform. To the contrary, business and labor have stood side by side to do immigration reform. To no avail.

There are a whole host of other issues that this is true. Take gun control-does Bernie want to admit that the reason he has such a weak record on gun control is that Wall St. has given him donations? No? Then maybe there are other issues at work like ideology.

A woman's right to choose as well is not under attack over Wall St. and neither does the attack on the right to vote have anything to do with that.

Again, this is not all or nothing. Certainly influence happens, but this simple story that Bernie tells is also simplistic.

One reason a lot of the big unions aren't with Bernie is they aren't anti business per se, they just want a fair divide in profits between business and labor.

P.S. Meanwhile the GOP race has brought home to us that-money isn't everything. Surely Jeb wishes it were as he's raised all this super PAC money in exchange for such dismal poll numbers.

Indeed, what we've learnt is that with all the furor over super PACs, they have hardly proven to be the kingmakers Bernie would have us believe. Also, to digress, he has his own super PAC and some very aggressive PAC groups supporting him. 

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