Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where Have We Heard This One Before?

The GOP Establishment now thinks that Trump really crossed the line last night. I use italics as we've been hearing this for eight months.

Again and again we hear he''s crossed the line and then when the dust settles-ie, the new polls come out-it's clear he has done no such thing,

But the insiders feel that the way Trump went after Jeb's brother last night, not ruling out that he should have been impeached, not just saying that W was dead wrong to invade Iraq but that he and Cheney actually lied us into the war and further suggesting that 9/11 was his fault is finally going to  prove to be going too far.

This is not the first time Trump has used this line on Jeb by any stretch. But the way he pushed it in front of the Jeb donors in SC is going too far they believe. It is interesting how much like a Democrat he sounds on this-but it has gotten him this far.

Here is a bigshot GOPer who thinks that's it for Trump:

Trump crosses the 9/11 line

‘If it doesn't backfire, then it will be official; nothing can stop him,’ GOP strategist says.

I"n a state that’s home to a large number of military installations and veterans, the supercharged showdown between two candidates who’ve been sparring for months could play big, potentially reordering the race in the final week."

"Our Principles PAC, launched last month with the purpose of attacking Trump, is preparing to blanket South Carolina's airwaves with a new ad featuring Trump's past statement that impeaching George W. Bush "would have been a good thing."

“I think most South Carolinians understand what President Bush did to protect our country and know that 9/11 was no fault of his and they appreciate what he did over those eight years to respond and keep us safe,” said Glenn McCall, one of South Carolina’s RNC committeeman, in the spin room after the two-hour debate here.

Read more:

This will make up a 20 point lead in a week? We'll see. The audience certainly was upset with Trump but this was an insider audience as Trump pointed out with lots of Jeb donors.

But Trump's base of support has never been a traditional conservative or Republican base so time will tell.

P.S. NH was almost perfect-the only thing missing is that Christie didn't do better. I miss his attacks on Rubio.


  1. Yes, Jen Rubin seems pleased with how the debate went.

  2. Time will tell whether she's right to be. The theory is that Trump is in trouble for his W bashing and 9/11 talk that's borderline Truther.

    But he's talked this way before and it's helped him not hurt him so we'll see. Won't be long now-just 6 days for a verdict