Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When You Discuss Race People Will Accuse You of Pandering

Some are dismissing Hillary's discussion of race as pandering-just because she needs black votes in South Carolina.

But as Al Sharpton notes, anytime you appeal for votes you can be accused of that.

If she wasn't speaking matters of race, then she'd be accused of taking black votes for granted.

Again, this was the whole premise of Eric Dyson's endorsement of HRC. That she will be able to talk about race issues in a way that Obama wasn't.

Dyson anticipated just this. And say what you will, but as Chris Hayes argued last night, when has the black vote every been so courted before? 

When have racial issues become such a household discussion for the mainstream press? As was noted on Twitter last night:

"When was the last time a leading candidate for President put the onus on "race relations" on white people? Has it ever happened before?"

So you see Dyson's theory coming to fruition.

The other way to look at the 'pandering' charge is this:

"It is those who accuse pandering at fault - they expressing their belief that only THEIR needs are “real"

Why is it not pandering when other audiences are spoken to?

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