Friday, February 19, 2016

Ilyse Hogue: Bernie's a Good Guy but no Honorary Woman

He noted that in the past Gloria Steinem called him an 'honorary woman' when campaigning for him.

Hm. So she wasn't the Establishment then. 

But maybe Bernie wants us to think that electing him would be a bigger a moment for women's rights than electing an actual woman. He did suggest something like that at a recent debate.

Planned Parenthood's Ilyse Hogue is not buying it. Recall that he already dismissed PP as the Establishment after they endorsed Hillary in January.

One of the more noxious memes out there is that we are living in a post gender society-so much so that there's no real need and urgency to have our first female President. That can wait till after Bernie's revolution. 

You wonder why if he's a feminist why he doesn't think we should elect our first female President already. 

As to the idea of 'voting with your uterus' as both Susan Sarandon and Killer Mike accused Hillary's female supporters of doing, I think there are a number of issues with that. 

1. It marginalizes all female supporters of HRC who unlike Sarandon and other women like her are 'just voting with their vagina.'

2. But the other side is there is nothing wrong with wanting a female President and voting for her for this reason. 

Many women want to see this. Indeed, a number of men also want to see it-like yours truly for instance. 

Then you hear some Bernie supporters dismiss this as 'just symbolism' which is ironic as Bernie's entire campaign is about symbolism-'Sure we can't get all these wonderful things done but it's great that someone is finally running on them.'

Beyond this who would have dismissed the many African-Americans who wanted the first black President in 2008? 

That the issue of gender is still spoken of so dismissively tells you something about just how far we are form a post gender election. 

But i think you can make the case that a Hillary Presidency will do more to advance women's issues than a Bernie Presidency or any male would. 

It's called political capital. Even if Bernie votes the right way on most issues of choice, how big of a priority would it be in his Administration as opposed to her's? 

You can make the case that a woman like Hillary-a liberal. Democratic female President-would put these issues in the front of the que. 

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