Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why Bernie Doesn't Like to Talk About His Path to Victory in Public

Because when you look at it, you realize his plan is to win without the black vote.

"Sanders targets Colorado as March must-win."

"The Vermont senator's caucus-oriented strategy leans hard on the Rocky Mountain states."

"Sanders and his aides are confident that the four Western caucuses in March, here in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming, are prime territory for his populism among the most committed of party activists who show up for those votes."

"While his campaign thinks he’ll continue to trail among African-American voters who will probably give Hillary Clinton a sweep of the Southern primaries, his aides contend he’s got much better chances with the Latinos who make up a greater percentage of the voters in the West."

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So he's not going to get it done with black voters but will do much better with Latinos. It's not hard to see why he's pessimistic about black votes.

UPDATE: Just like in the GOP SC polls, nothing has changed in SC. In the new ARG poll commissioned on the 12th and 13th, she is up 65-27. The January poll had her up 64-27. No huge move to Bernie just because he won NH by 20 points. 

But what is his master plan with Latinos?

"Sanders campaign strategist Tad Devine said he’s feeling confident that the senator will run strong in the West, and with Latinos. As to what makes him confident about landing the support of Latinos, who backed Clinton heavily in the 2008 primaries, Devine cited the Field Poll in California—a state where neither candidate’s campaigned, but the population is exceptionally diverse and heavily Latino."

"Sanders was at 3.5 percent there in May, and at the beginning of January was at 35 percent."

“How did that happen?” Devine said. “I think when they found out that he’s the son of an immigrant who came to this country speaking very little English, they found out about his ideas and policies—particularly on education and health—I think it really cut through. They’re coming to him very quickly.”

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The fact that he is the son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants will help him with Latinos? That sounds like even more of a reach than how he was going to win the black vote because he 'marched with MLK.'


  1. As a Latina Im offended that he would think I'm stupid enough to be moved by his "immigrant" parents. I'm sure they didn't have to risk their lifes to come to this country. I'm sure he didn't find the same type of discrimination most latino immigrants face every day. He should NEVER compare his experience with that of thousands of illegal immigrants in the USA today. Hell, even as an American born Latina, I still find assholes who will say ignorant things to me. We are smarter than that. Don't insult our intelligence. We can see when you're just fishing for our votes.What have you done before you became a candidate? Last time I checked you were busy in 2007 voting against an immigration bill because you felt we may be taking Americans' jobs, the ones no one else would want to take ya'know? and remember Sierra Blanca? You didn't care how your VT nuclear waste would impact our lifes. Why now? Latinos know better than that!

  2. TK for your comment Zyban! That's my thought exactly. In his heart of hearts, he still thinks that immigrants steal American jobs.

    Please come again!