Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jeb and Rubio Wrap Themselves in George Bush

Trump and Jeb are already tangling in tonight's GOP debate on CBS. I'm not sure how the folks at home are grading it, but in the audience they are booing Trump for criticizing George W. Bush.

Jeb is playing the 'He kept us safe' game again. He invoked his brother, his daddy, his mommy. It's' pretty sad really what a privileged little dork he really is. So much for being his own man-his family is having to come in and save him.

He started invoking his mother, what a fine woman she is, and Trump said 'Fine, why doesn't she run?' which is kind of a good question.

I mean when have you ever seen a candidate for President invoke his mommy and daddy up on stage as a reason to vote for him? The sad irony is that the whole idea of Jeb! was to distance himself from being a Bush. Turns out that whatever Jeb! is about is so uncompelling that he has to wear the very problematic legacy of being a Bush-as he really has no other selling point.

I've said, invoking W could help him in SC potentially, but wow is this whole thing kind of sad.

Then Rubio jumped in to echo Jeb-'I'm just glad it was George W. Bush in the WH and not Al Gore. George W. Bush wasn't perfect but he kept us safe.'

Trump then raised the bloody shirt: how did he 'keep us safe' in light of the fact of 9/11? This threw the crowd into even louder boos of Trump.

But Trump noted that these are all Jeb's donors-he said he knows almost all of them. Carson then sort of agreed with Trump that Iraq was a huge mistake-nation building, etc.

I tell you I miss Chrisite already to beat Rubio like a drum for his robotic like self.


  1. I wish they'd allowed open carry. Sounds like a good night for it.

  2. Coulter on twitter is not happy with the crowd, moderators, Cruz (the liar... Which she states repeatedly), Bush family and their 9/11 incompetence, "little" rubio, WSJ, RNC... This debate is upsetting her. Lol


      So this is great... so many scaps ripped off here: W was incompetent on 9/11 (Coulter does several tweets on this), but she stops short of saying Iraq was a moron move. No worries, Trump picks up the slack there!!! Reagan is far too liberal (on immigration) to be elected today. She insults the donors too. My dream is to see this spiral into more and more ugliness, with inter-GOP spite and resentment carrying on for decades to come.

      Coulter is a good scab ripper. She's already gone after "pandering to evangelicals" and "pandering to Jews." Lol... Now she's unabashedly throwing cold water on W's legacy. Maybe it's not too late for her to churn out a book on what a moron W and his brother are this primary. She could throw in some choice bits about Reagan: immigration traitor. Do what it takes to get your boy Trump in the WH... including blowing up sacred cows. Nice!

    2. "scabs ripped off" not "scaps."

    3. Another ripped scab... Go Trump go!!

      Something no one expected in a Republican primary debate — the party's frontrunner went on a scathing attack against the previous GOP incumbent over national security.

      "Obviously the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake," Trump thundered. "They lied — they said there were weapons of mass destruction."

    4. Trump campaign bumper stickers:

      "Bush lied, people died. And that was the smart one: imagine what his numbnutz brother will do! Trump 2016"

    5. Or how about a silhouette of the WTC on fire, an outline of Iraq, and "WMD??? Where?" Then the words:

      "America can't afford another moronic Bush presidency. Trump 2016"

    6. You're right: Bush and Rubio stick to the sacred cow establishment explanation: "W kept us safe. 9/11 was Clinton's fault!"

      Oh, and by the way, add to that above bumper sticker a plunging stock market with "2008" written on it.

      I want to see Bush be #2, just so Trump spends 80% of his time reminding us all of W's multitude of disasters.

      "Mission Accomplished"
      Financial Crisis

      Over and over and over. Crush the fuck out of the delusional bubble lies that the GOP establishment wants people to tell themselves.

      Trump might as well be shouting:

      "Get off your knees faggots! God isn't real, and Jesus never existed!"

      I **DO** love it when Trump "goes there."

    7. ... rather than a plunging stock market, a "Foreclosed" sign and people waiting for unemployment benefits.

    8. I get why Coulter is pissed. It was a very Establishment crowd, very anti Trump as I argue in my next post.

      An anti Trump donor crowd at tonight's GOP debate

  3. Yes, I'm with you. I love the way Trump went after Jeb tonight. Still miss Chris Christie though. Trump likes to bully Jeb but Christie was the Rubio basher

  4. As to Reagan, I made this point on Twitter. All the Reagan worship shows how weak the GOP is at least nationally. I mean this was 28 years ago. They haven't had anyone else that they find worthy of celebrating since.

  5. OK, Mike, here's my first go at a Trump campaign bumper sticker. Too soon? Maybe wait till he's the nominee?

    1. I wonder if anybody has ever made fake campaign stickers (like my 1st one there), for the purpose of sabotaging the candidate they're supposedly promoting. That WOULD be hilarious. People might actually believe Trump said something like that. I feel evil... Mwhahahahaha!

      Don't worry, not until AFTER the primary. You've got my word on that.

    2. My evil plan is coming together... pass out free bumper stickers, but the stickers are specially formulated so that the original message only stays there a few days after it's had it's backing peeled off (and presumably stuck on a bumper). Then it rapidly changes into the sabotage message.

      Better yet (but more expensive). "Smart stickers" ... activated by movement detection. The message changes while the car is moving... so the driver never sees what's going on because it changes back again when the car is stopped and the engine is off.

    3. After the primary. LOL. I told you I actually have worn a Trump t-shirt to the gym! LOL

  6. That's probably the real Trump feeling about God.

    It's always funny the way he talks when he's trying to sound religious.

    'The Bible is a great book. It's even greater than The Art of the Deal and it's not even close.'

    1. Yeah, his god talk is a hoot.

      I can't imagine Trump being a Jesus fan. He must think he's a sissy and probably gay too, right? A long haired, "maggot infested" (as Limbaugh used to say about hippies), hippy freak.

  7. It's pretty clear the only God Trump believes in. LOL.

    Whenever he talks about religion, he's funny:

    "I believe in God. I am Christian. I think The Bible is certainly, it is THE book..First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica Queens is where I went to church. I’m a Protestant, I’m a Presbyterian. And you know I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.2"

    You know 'I have a very good relationship with God. He's a great guy the only guy in the world greater than me. To be honest he's much greater than me. '

    'I get along very well with the Evangelicals-because I'm an Evangelical myself. The biggest out there-a Presbyterian.'

    As if when you think of Evangelicals, Presbyterians are what comes to mind.