Saturday, February 13, 2016

An Anti Trump Crowd at Tonight's GOP Debate

He argued that the reason he was booed for dissing Jeb and his bro was it was all his donors which seems to be the case.

Again, I miss Chris Christie as he was the guy who knew how to attack Marco Rubio.

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight polling wonks:

"This was the nastiest debate in a while. Clearly, the candidates know the field will winnow and time is running out. I don’t know if this debate will upend Trump’s lead, but it’s not from a lack of trying from the other candidates."

"Apparently this is going to be the tone of the rest of the debates. They’ve already been through all the major issues in the previous hundreds of forums — how many times have we heard the same immigration tape loop, the same refrain on eminent domain and postcard tax returns? — but there are an infinite number of ways to insult each other and their families, an endless path to feigned anger over the latest ad or stray remark. To keep voters watching, and to stand out from the white noise, most of the candidates apparently feel they have to boil over on camera. Eventually, of course, that will become tiresome, too."

"Tonight we saw Trump not only get personal with charges against his opponents, but also respond to the charges that he is vulgar (for repeating the words of a supporter who called Cruz a misogynist term). Marco Rubio has made hay out of the issue, saying he couldn’t even discuss the word with his sons. But Trump’s closing statement stuck very much to his talking points about making America great — and was much calmer than the rest of his debate performance. I still believe the person who could most effectively take down Trump is Trump himself."

It's funny as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has gotten all this shade about supposedly burying the Dem debates on Saturday nights, and now the GOP has had two such debates in a week and there's been no criticism

Actually, what''s clear now is that the Saturday nights had nothing to do with Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. What the actual reason for the Saturday debates was because it was on network news. To make sure a debate is on primetime you put it on cable. That's the difference.

But because it was presumed this was to help Hillary, all this breatbeating ensued. Now the GOP has had the same and the silence is deafening.


  1. "but there are an infinite number of ways to insult each other and their families, an endless path to feigned anger over the latest ad or stray remark."

    Yes! The more the better. Especially go after the families. I want to see this spiral down into a very ugly place. Not just no-PC... no shred of human decency left whatsoever.

  2. A few of my favorite Coulter tweets:

    Rubio closing: "We will be loyal to our allies like Israel ..." HASN'T SHELDON ADELSON PICKED A CANDIDATE YET????


    Has Trump called anyone else a liar? He calls them funny names, he doesn't call them liars (other than Cruz - because he's a liar).

    It can't be said often enough. This audience is abominable.

    DIFFERENCE IS TRUMP ADMITS HE'S CHANGING HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of these GOPs lie about being good on amnesty when they weren't.

    This audience is insufferable. RNC has got to be bulldozed.

    CBS has got to throw out the jackass cheering squad. It may boost little Mario's ego during the debate, but it didn't help Rand Paul.

    World Trade Center came down bc President Bush was worried about "racial profiling" of Arabs at airport security.

    I wish Donald Trump were in the WH on 9/11. Wouldn't have complained @ racial profiling of Arabs & Atta never would have gotten on the plane

    Only losers cite "Reagan's 11th commandment." That was just a campaign tactic bc he was frontrunner. Dropped after Bush won IA.

    Bush attacked racial profiling of Arabs @ airports; Tkt agent didn't stop Atta bc he didn't want to racially profile

    I do hope that after this is all over, someone discovers Coulter doesn't have a valid birth certificate, and she gets deported. To Mexico: her true home. Haha! But for now she's useful.

    1. Coulter's no fan of Adelson:

    2. Yes, some very good lines by Ann Coulter. LOL. Here here Sister!

    3. Another:

      8 YRS AGO="calls everyone a liar"? Bush also said Harriet Miers=qualified & amnesty wasn't "amnesty," so he did lie.

    4. Ann still won't say WMD was a lie and Iraq stupid, but she won't criticize Trump for it either. Now she's saying 9/11 was on Bush... so perhaps she'll come around.