Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bernie's Weak Response on 2012 Primary Talk

The Nevada Town Hall is just getting under way but Bernie didn't seem to exactly please the crowd when he tried to deflect Chuck Todd's noting that he wanted to primary Obama in 2012 by retorting that

1. That was on a radio show that he said that. Not clear why what you say on talk radio doesn't count.

2. That Hillary ran against Obama in 2008.

Number 2 led to an audible groan from the audience. It is pretty weak.

It's one thing for Hillary to run against him before he was President. Bernie wanted to run against Obama after he was President. 

Regarding Nevada, there is clearly a different focus between the two candidates down the stretch. Bernie uses the usual economic arguments but Hillary has focused on immigration.

"If Hillary Clinton has her way, the final two days of campaigning before Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada will be squarely focused on immigration policy."

"But not Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator remains largely dialed in on his core message about economic inequality, his approach as disciplined and undeviating as ever."

"That’s what makes tonight’s town hall forum here, hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo, an important — but potentially uncomfortable — moment for Sanders."

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