Monday, February 15, 2016

Bernie Again Uses the Iraq War Defense

Whenever the subject is his lack of foreign policy experience and knowledge he pivots to 'Yeah but she voted for the Iraq war'-so experience is bad. What matters is 'judgment.'

Now he's taking the Iraq War canard on the road so as to avoid questions which have nothing to do with foreign policy.

Yes, she voted for the Iraq War which was a mistake. I was against it at the time-though I didn't have a vote, to be sure. 

Barney Frank was also in Congress at the time and he voted no. Yet he supports Hillary today. So not everyone buys this as a litmus test. 

But this also shows Bernie's tendency to be unresponsive to questions he doesn't feel like answering. As has been noted elsewhere:

"Except … somehow Sanders has lost me on even that. I simultaneously want a more serious and nuanced class analysis—something deeper than the talking points, more flexibly targeted to specific questions rather than broad strokes—and more willingness to depart from the talking points, to acknowledge that sometimes you really can’t turn a question to your subject of choice. When the time is right to talk about inequality, try to fit the statistics to the moment. When the time is wrong, at least pretend to notice. Clearly Sanders’ talking points are working for lots of people, and I don’t doubt his commitment on these issues, but the repetition has failed to give me anything new or interesting to hang onto. And beyond inequality, the repetition is a problem with how he talks about—or avoids talking about—other major issues, which he so often dismisses. A president has to be willing to take on issues they don’t necessarily care the most about, able to become an expert on anything, able to pivot and start to care. I need more than “trust me,” and I don’t see Sanders failing to give me that, I see him refusing to do so. That’s not confidence-inspiring."

He continues to avoid the weeds of his own proposals at all costs. We get he didn't vote for Iraq and good for him but this is not answer on free tuition and his pretending it is doesn't inspire confidence either. 

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