Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hard to Believe the Super Bowl is Tomorrow

It's interesting as I'm a big football fan but I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow is the big game.

The reason for this is not hard to get-we have a Presidential primary that has gotten all my energy and focus. It's hard to get too excited about the Super Bowl-especially as my Giants were again a dud.

It's also hard to believe that there is a GOP debate tonight. I've noticed no one has accused Reince Priebus and the RNC of putting it late on a Saturday night to shield Marco Rubio from negative scrutiny.

In 2008 President Obama's team had a rule: no bedwetting.

Right now there is certainly a lot of noise that is meant to get Democrats to wet the bed over Hillary. You hear some Biden talk again and conservatives are becoming gleeful about the 'progressive crackup.'

It sounds like the GOP are Bernie Sanders Republicans just like I and many Democrats have been  Trump Democrats. It's interesting to note that the author is predicting what I and many have predicted of the GOP-a coming crackup.

There's no doubt that the Firebaggers pushing Bernie are the same ones who have had nothing good to say about President Obama for 7 years.

But where the Democratic party goes next is an interesting though not totally knowable position. If Bernie wins, the party could crackup immediately. I seriously would consider voting Bloomberg if he ran or Trump assuming he's the GOP nominee-which I'm beginning to fear he won't be.

If Hillary does win which I expect she and the Dems will have to make good on their pledge to raise wages. That's the key. If wages for Americans don't begin to rise we will see problems in both parties-where each party is pushed further to the Right or Left extreme-more like the European system.

P.S. As to the game tomorrow, I don't have any clear partisan preference. Part of me would really like to see Peyton Manning get just one more ring-hard to believe he only has one. In some ways he's been driven for the ride more than he's been the leader of the Broncos this year.

Their run has more to do with the Denver defense than Manning himself who is not quite what he once was anymore. Still I love his passion and desire.

Of course, as a huge Eli Manning fan, I wouldn't hate it if he continues to lead Peyton in rings.

Then I notice that black folks clearly want Cam Newton to win. I was sort of surprised about this as Cam would not be the first black QB to win the Super Bowl-that was Doug Williams of course.

But hey whatever floats your boat. If the black community takes pleasure in that then that's their feeling about it.

Part of me is still ticked at Cam and the Panthers for what they did to the Giants.

So basically I'm not a strong partisan for either team. I'd be happy for Peyton to win but sort of happy for his brother if he lost! It'd be great if many are inspired by Cam's win though I can't claim to be such a big fan of his. I'm about my own team more than rooting for other players from other teams. Cam comes to the Giants then I'll sing his praises. But we don't need him anytime soon with Eli here.

So my rooting interest is not decisive in either direction. However, if you're betting on the game-I may myself-I'm going Carolina. The Panthers seem to be the dominant team this year, the team a head and shoulders above the rest. Normally those teams win-like the Seahawks a few years ago, the Saints in 2009, the 1985 Bears, the 1986 Giants.

I guess the one exception if the 2007 Patriots. 

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