Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why Isn't Trump Attacking Marco Rubio?

As a 'Trump Democrat' I have to say I'm a little concerned over Trump. He doesn't seem to be spending much time in NH. I get it that his campaign has not been about doing what the conventional rules say you're supposed to do.

But what really gets me is he isn't going after Marco Rubio. Rubio has clearly gotten a bump from his stronger than expected Iowa finishing. That is clear in almost every poll since. Yet, while I hear him insulting Cruz again and again-no doubt Cruz played some very dirty games in Iowa-he's not attacking Rubio.

It's ironic. For months I could gloat a a Trump Democrat. But now, if anything, the GOP seems to have a clearer road for their chosen candidate than Dems do.

Ok, it's not that bad. Once Hil is past NH she should do fine. Even in NH she is according to some polls closing the gap some at least. It's hard to figure out the polls as they are so volatile right now.

But if the polls hold up in NH-if Cruz finishes in a strong second-then he's quite possibly going to be the Establishment candidate and in time at least might put it away.

It seems that the GOP strategy of hitting Cruz in Iowa may be working after all. Trump still seems not to get that Rubio is a big threat and that he has to bring him down.

What can he do to Rubio? Maybe listen to Chris Christie's spiel.

Call him Bubble Boy. And of course, he can play the same Birther game on Rubio as Cruz; There is a lawsuit against Rubio as well as Cruz saying that he's not a 'natural born' citizen.


  1. That is concerning. Trump should be flinging poo at everyone, especially Cruz and Rubio.

    You don't suppose that Rubio is actually his secret love child with his hot undocumented Latin lover do you??? Lol

  2. He should be attacking Rubio more than Cruz here. Cruz is not such a threat in this state. Plus he doesn't want to Establishment to marshall around Rubio this early.

    He has been going after Cruz but very little with Rubio