Monday, February 1, 2016

Bernie Preps Team for 'the End of the World'

Look, give him credit. He should manage expectations. He is certainly doing this.

Let's wait and see what happens first. But does this sound confident?

"Bernie Sanders began Iowa caucus day by preparing his troops for the possibility of defeat, telling volunteers at his Des Moines headquarters this morning that a close loss isn’t anything to worry about."

"We got a tie ballgame," Sanders said, repeating his mantra that he'll win only if turnout is high. “[If Hillary] Clinton ends up with two delegates more of many, many hundred delegates, you tell me why that's the end of the world."

"That less-than-confident declaration about his chances Monday evening follows a week in which Sanders has been subtly seeking to manage expectations at energetic rallies and in interviews, all in the hopes of the heading off the storyline that he needs victories in Iowa and New Hampshire to be considered a viable challenger."

"If I lose Iowa by two votes and end up with virtually the same number of delegates, is that a must-lose situation? Is that a tragedy? No," he said last week.

"His goal is to remind Democrats that his campaign is built for the long haul – he even took the time last Tuesday to fly out of state to an important March 1 state, Minnesota, while other candidates were laser-focused on Iowa. The idea is to inoculate himself against the possibility that his insurgent-on-the-rise narrative — which his team thinks he'll need to maintain after the first two contests — is blunted in the coming days."

"His repeated reminders that the race is effectively tied – and that the delegate haul out of Iowa is likely to be close – are important for his bid because a closer-than-expected Clinton showing in New Hampshire could suddenly spell trouble for him now that he's firmly established as the front-runner in the Feb. 9 state. As many Democrats see it, a strong showing and positive headlines out of the first two states is the best way to create a fundraising bump and the momentum necessary to carry Sanders into Nevada, then South Carolina, and beyond."

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Again, we'll see. But Hillary's internal polls show her ahead-and only 8 down in NH rather than some recent polls that show her down 20. I've been arguing for a few weeks that HRC welcomes the extreme bearish expectations her campaign has had for the last three weeks.

No surprise Bernie is trying to pull these back in a little. Especially as his own internal numbers provably show the same.

He's already conceded we wont' see the Obama level of turnout like in 2008.

Alright. so we'll soon see.

For you in Iowa, thanks for caucusing for HRC.

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