Monday, February 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders is a Good Man but He's not a Saint

The more I think about it, this is the race. He is running as a Saint. someone who is pure.

He's pure whereas HRC is, while a good public servant, compromised.

So this race is about purity on Bernie's end.

A big objective for her then is to show that while he too is a good public servant, he's not a Saint.

Bernie runs against super PACs as if they are the root of all evil itself. Yet:

"Senator Sanders is right of course, but what is likely not right is that accompanying him through Iowa was a group of nurses whose “super PAC” has doled out close to $1 million on ads and other kinds of campaign support for Sanders. What should raise a “hypocrisy alert” is that this is the same candidate who incites liberal and EmoProg supporters with persistent calls to eradicate such outside groups from political campaigns. Out of deference to ‘feeltheBern’ acolytes’ sensibilities, it is better to raise an “inconsistency alert” to avoid being accused of being a Clinton, Wall Street, and Koch paid shill."

"As a matter of pure uncontested fact, there has been more super PAC money spent thus far in express support of the Sanders campaign than for either one of his Democratic rivals. Let that sink in. That includes, by the way, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records. And no, the FEC is not paid by the Clinton campaign, or Koch brothers, or Wall Street any more than this column is. Their job is to report who is contributing to the Sanders’ campaign based on information provided by the Sanders’ campaign and the super PAC according to FEC campaign finance reporting requirements."

"The super PAC and group following the Sanders’ campaign in and around Iowa is National Nurses United. The group’s executive director, RoseAnn DeMoro said, regarding the super PAC’s largesse for Sanders, that “I do appreciate the irony. All things being equal, we would rather not be doing this. On the other hand, we want to see Bernie as president.”

But that irony is the same for all Democrats. All Dems-including President Obama and Hillary Clinton-abhorred the CU ruling.

Yet Dems have had to use them for now-short of having the decision reversed which may well come once Hillary is in the WH to appoint better SJC Justices!

But as HRC has said, when you are in a world of nuclear weapons, you can't just unilaterally disarm. Now when she says it, the Bernie Bros are thick with disgust. Weasel words in their minds. She should practice pacifism in a world where the Koch Brothers are spending close to $1 billion dollars just to destroy her-there are many other groups doing likewise.

Now, though, Bernie-out of necessity-is also having to use a super PAC.

But Bernie is the Saint, the Pure One, who is above all necessity. The purists insist that all cries of necessity are just alibis for corruption.

Until the Pure One was running. Now he's allowed to act out of necessity.

I sure hope Hillary doesn't let him get away with his usual soap box claim that he doesn't take a dime of super PAC money on Thursday. 

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