Sunday, May 29, 2016

Berners for Donald Trump

Browsing the Huffington Post comments section we get a flavor of the kind of absurd arguments the Berners are making to not vote for Hillary Clinton in November: ie, effectively vote for Donald Trump-who is Hitler 2.0.

Mike Bieringer

"Hillary DOESN'T believe in a single payer health system that would eliminate your medical bills instantaneously."

"Hillary DOESN'T believe in $15 minimum wage which would increase your life options dramatically."

"Hillary DOESN'T believe in Tuition -Free education, a staple of EVERY OTHER CIVILIZED NATION ON EARTH, which would increase your CHILDRENS earning capacity exponentially."

She also doesn't have the support of white nationalists and supporters who make anti Semitic insults and threats against those who criticize Trump-and their families.

She doesn't plan to have a Muslim database and ban Muslims or deport 11 million people.

But she supports a $12 federal minimum wage and not $15 so this makes no difference.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Right. Hillary is for $12 federal MW and Trump wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage, indeed, thinks wages are too high: clearly both positions are still evil.

We've heard this song before with the Marxists in 1933 who said there was no difference between Hitler and the Social Democrats-they called them the Social Fascists.

In other news: Bret Stephens of the Wall St. Journal just endorsed Hillary.

No he didn't say the words "Hillary Clinton' but he did say 'I will absolutely not support Donald Trump and will vote for the least left wing alternative to him and want him to lose so badly Republicans learn their lesson once and for all.'


  1. Bill maher had quite a crew on on Friday: Sanders was his 1st guest. On the panel he had a journalist, a former Libertarian party candidate who now supports Trump and tried to explain how Trump is a Libertarian, and Dilbert writer Scott Adams, who's sticking by his prediction that Trump wins in a landslide. Adams explained why Trump is successful and how his fact free methods relate to those of a hypnotist. The Libertarian guy would loudly pipe up with nonsensical BS in support of Trump, and Bill would point at him and say to Scott "omg, You're right!... Listen to this guy!"

    1. Also Mellissa Harris-Perry was there.

    2. Hey Tom

      Wish I would have seen Maher. Im curious what you thought of Scott Adams? He's got a very interesting perspective on things. He's written a few books,( two Ive read one Im in the process of finishing). I think you might like his short story called "Gods Debris", it has a sequel called "The Religion War". They are both thought provoking and maybe a little unsettling........... but I think you could handle it ;-)

    3. Hi Greg, thanks for the info on those books. I had no idea he wrote books with those titles. I should check them out. If you want to see him on Maher's show, here he is (they usually put big chunks of the show up on youtube for free just a few days after they first air):

      He's probably on "overtime" as well, which is always free... let's see, yep, here it is:

    4. Everyone loves Scott Adams so much right now because he's predicting a Trump landslide.

    5. So basically Tom, everyone on the show was anti Hillary.

  2. Now Mike, don't go make it more difficult for Berners having a tantrum to swallow their pride and come around the HRC eventually (in the various twitter battles I imagine you're having). Point out that Trump is Hitler 2.0, but let the Berners get it out of their system. I don't want you to piss them off so much they feel they have to punish you personally. =)

    1. Tom, I'll kick his ass in front of his house. :)

    2. As long as you buy Amazon as well, it's ok. LOL

  3. Erick Erickson has outdone you: he reprints an email from the husband of a "prophetess" ... apparently Jesus (and the gang) told her that God want's Trump to be president:

    Now Erickson can see what a jackass he sounds like when he starts blabbering about Jesus in his columns. I wonder if he'll recognize that email for the mirror it actually is?