Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yes Obama Knows What He's Doing but Does Marco Rubio?

Last night was a great night for the GOP Governors-Christie, Jeb, Kasich. Christie did exactly what he wanted to do. It's not clear that if Rubio loses support it goes to him but it will likely go to one of the GOP Governors.

Last night was also a great night for the Democrats. Josh Marshall:

"As I said, in the debate preview, Democrats had to hope tonight that Trump and Cruz did well and Rubio did badly. Cruz was a wash. Butt on Trump and Rubio they could not have asked for much better. I think Trump did what he needed to do for himself in New Hampshire. (It's important to remember that he was never as clearly ahead in Iowa as he has been and continues to be in New Hampshire.) The big question is whether this Rubio stumble will kill his momentum or just be a running gag for political obsessives that doesn't blunt all the strong pressures to coalesce behind a plausible general election candidate."

This shows yet again that me and Josh Marshall share a brain because this was exactly my take on it as well. I agree with Marshall that Cruz at least didn't do badly-he kind of held back and at least didn't seem to hurt himself.

Many likening Rubio's robotic performance to Dan Quayle or Ross Perot's Admiral James Stockdale-'Who am I and why am I here?' That is the big line on Rubio now-he's a robot who had a glitch on stage last night.

It seems to me that last night was a good to ok night by everyone up there except Rubio. This was the one thing he wanted to avoid. Christie was not just able to 'say it' but 'show it'-he was able to point to Rubio repeating the same canned lines about Obama 4 times. He had been hitting Rubio with the Bubble Boy line and he went out and showed exactly what he was talking about.

The question is how many in NH were watching  and are making much of this. But it's just about the worse thing you can do with just 48 hours till voting. Debates certainly can make a huge short term difference and could this be a more short term time frame?

With so many voters deciding late, this may end up being a disaster for Rubio he may not be able to live down anytime soon.

At the end of the day, this debate was about those 5 minutes between Rubio and Christie. Some say Rubio did better in the second half. That's only because Christie didn't attack him any further and neither did anyone else. There was no need to so Rubio went back to his canned lines.

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