Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nate Silver Begrudgingly Admits Marco Rubio Lost Last Night's Debate

He did more than lose it, He had the kind of performance that has folks recalling Dan Quayle in 1988 and Ross Perot's Admiral Stockdale.

The meme out is the Rubio robot had a glitch. All Rubio needed was to not have forgettably terrible night. He was unable to meet that low bar. So Nate admits this but says-hopes-maybe NH will think differently.

And he may be right; but you get the idea he is really hoping so to put the Party Decides theory back in the driver's seat. Meanwhile, according to a new poll, Kasich had now tied Rubio at 17 a piece in NH.

That was taken on Feb 5-6 so we'll see what this ARG tracking poll says now, post debate. What we learnt in Iowa is that you have to poll very late to be accurate.

If Kaisch was already tied with Rubio prior to last night, maybe ARG will show him ahead tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Hillary is within 11 in NH.

Again, these decisions get made late. 

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