Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump Haters Shouldn't Celebrate Too Much Yet

Don't get ahead of yourselves, Trump haters! He hasn't lost yet. Now if he doesn't win NH, then that's different.

But wait till NH to gloat. If he doesn't win NH, then I think that's a much bigger problem for him as he's had a strong commanding lead.

In Iowa, he was actually the victim of raising expectations too high. If you remember, he was never supposed to win Iowa. But thanks to his bombastic, boastful style that always claims he will win everything, hit everything out of the park, and some late polling that clearly showed him winning a 4 point loss is being treated as a catastrophe.

There is still this theory that if he loses anywhere, it's over. He had said before that he could lose by 2 points in Iowa and it's not the end of the world. The idea is that his brand is winning and it's over. The domino theory.

I think that's wishful thinking. Right now the Trump haters are taking their victory laps.

Lawrence O'Donnell was ecstatic last night.

Again, if I'm them I would try not to get too far out in front. He does need however to win in NH next Monday. He fails there, then this is a red flag. Yet as it's a primary rather than a caucus, building a ground game is much less relevant.

But it does mean he has no excuses for a loss.

I do think he actually handled the loss well. He pointed out the absurdity of Marco Rubio claiming he won based on a third place finish.

So far, if anything, he's turned out to be a pretty good loser-he seems to be able to handle it. But he does need to win NH. Here he doesn't just lead but has been dominating.

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