Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Jealousy of Ben Jealous Turns Him Petty

Certainly Ben Jealous was an impressive advocate for Bernie Sanders to pickup as he is a former NAACP President who helped get out the vote for Obama in 2012.

Though this raises a question. The reason Jealous gives for supporting Bernie is that Hillary is still not against the death penalty. She only argued for it in certain federal cases with terrorists like the Boston bombers or the Oklahoma City bomber, which doesn't sound so unreasonable.

But the question it begs is how Jealous was able to support President Obama as POTUS also supports the death penalty.

But I am surprised that Jealous would be so dismissive of Hillary's visit to that Flint church on Sunday night. To call it 'petty' is just wrong. The folks at the church didn't think it was petty at all and were overjoyed to have her.

Even Michael Moore while of course saying HRC's visit was political also admitted that it was still very appreciated and positive. How could anyone deny this?

Yet Jealous used the same words as Rick Snyder and Morning Joe and dismissed the visit as just political. It seems like a Cornel West moment-ie, doing Bernie more harm than good with the African-American community.

Certainly Gerald Mathews who attended the service didn't take kindly to having it dismissed as political.

What's also being missed is that when you are facing an ongoing crisis like the people of Flint, you welcome 'politicization' as this gives you the public visibility needed where the problem might actuallly be solved.

Certainly politicization is preferable to the neglect of Rick Snyder.

But Hillary's intervention is a great example of 'showing not just saying.' Like on Saturday, Chris Christie did more than just say Rubio is a young, good-looking empty suit, he showed it. 

In the same way, Hillary is showing that she is a change doer rather than change talker in Flint.

What the folks of Flint need is action not talk. even less anyone making promises they can't keep.

She is doing more than saying she's a leader, she's also showing us that she is. 

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