Monday, February 8, 2016

Hillary's Ground Game in NH is Leading the Pack

This is the picture we get according to Monmouth College pollster, Patrick Murray.

"According to Monmouth she is down by 10 in NH. This seems to be in line with what we've seen in the last 5 days were her deficit has clearly been cut into according to the polls. Previously we were seeing polls where Bernie led by 20 plus-a few even 30 plus."

"The final Monmouth University Poll in New Hampshire found Donald Trump with a sizable lead over his competition in the Republican race, while Bernie Sanders held a ten point lead over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contest."

"The big question on the GOP side is who will come in second place, with at least four candidates realistically vying for the spot. On the Democratic side, the question is whether Clinton can reduce her deficit to the single digits."

Judging by ground game, she would seem to have a real shot of doing that. According to Monmouth, she is leading in voters contacted by the campaign.

"In @MonmouthPoll, # voter contacts rank: 1 Clinton 2 Sanders 3 Bush 4 Kasich 5 Cruz 6 Rubio 7 Trump 8 Christie 9 Fiorina

So she is doing the right thing at least. Judging by this Jeb and Kasich have a good shot getting ahead of Rubio in NH. Christie, though, apparently has a weaker ground game than even Trump.

Notice how they don't even dignify Ben Carson's campaign with a ranking.

Meanwhile some more good news on Marco Rubio: Nate Silver says he's in a precarious position in NH.

Here is my wishlist as a Trump Democrat.

1. Hillary to finish within 10 points; obviously a win is ideal but that may be remote.

2. Rubio to finish below second. The lower he finishes the better.

3. Trump first.

4. Ted Cruz second.

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