Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some Chicken Soup for the Hillary Clinton Supporter's Soul

Some HRC supporters are bemoaning CNN coverage of NH which is so negative about Hillary. It's everywhere.

Lawrence O'Donnell last night on his show led with more pushing of the email story. What could be a more negative framing to being a discussion of the NH primary than that?

Everywhere you go you hear that the national race is now tied based on that one Quinnipiac poll. We've seen many polls which show her expanding her lead post Iowa-20 points give her take but the one that showed it a two point race is treated as pure fact.

The media is going to treat her unfairly. We know this. But all is not lost. Far from it. Take the last NH polls out this morning by the ARG tracker. Hillary is now down only 9 points. She was down 16 on the Feb 2-4 tracking poll.

Most recent polls have shown a tightening race. Then when we get out of NH, it is much clearer sailing. The polls which came out yesterday showed her with huge leads in most other states after NH.

NH has been an expected win for him. Where does he go after this? Meanwhile, more good news from ARG: Trump seems looks strong at 33 percent while Kasich leads Rubio 17 to 14.

I do get the sense that Kasich may be the one to finish ahead of Rubio. If so, this will leave the Establishment lane wide open.

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