Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is Bernie Going to Sue the Iowa Democratic Party Next?

Right now Bernie is claiming he was somehow robbed last night. There is more talk about  filing lawsuits.

Yes, this is the guy to lead the Democratic party forward. He is too a Democrat.

"The Iowa Democratic Party is denying accusations from Bernie Sanders's campaign that it failed to staff scores of caucus sites as he and Hillary Clinton remained locked in a too-close-to-call contest that spilled over into early Tuesday morning."

"A Sanders aide told The Hill that the party did not send impartial staffers to 90 caucus sites and is now reaching out to candidates for help reporting the data. That would mean that precinct captains from the rival campaigns will have to self-report totals from the caucus, which could lead to arguments over a swath of precincts could more than make up the margin between the two candidates."

"But an Iowa Democratic Party official pushed back against the claims, telling The Hill that "the reports of precincts without chairs are inaccurate."

What you saw last night was CNN and MSNBC report Bernie's claim as fact-without outside corroboration.

Not at all like how they sat on the stories of Bernie's team using deceptive tactics in Iowa and Nevada with unions and other activist groups.

Some interesting numbers from comparing Hillary and Bernie supporters. Hillary supporters care about someone who can win in November by huge margins while Bernie supporters list by very large margins 'honesty and trustworthiness.'

Of course Bernie supporters are very young. While it's great for the youth to be involved, the of the characteristics of the very young is to believe things are black and white.

In truth, to speak in overly categorial terms is actually misleading. That Bernie speaks in such black and white terms makes me trust him much less. The truth usually is a shade of grey.

For example, Bernie makes things black and white: if you have a super PAC you are compromised. He doesn't have a super PAC, so he's not compromised.

Except he does have a super PAC that has spent a lot of money on him.

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