Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Does Susan Sarandon get a Pass While Gloria Steinem is Skewered?

You can argue that Gloria Steinem, out of a certain frustration, didn't put things the best way. She has since apologized so this must be the case.

The media has since been full of those who never supported feminism gloatingly declaring Steinem passed it and not understanding what young women today understand.

There has been all kinds of sarcasm about putting a gun to women's heads and threatening them with hell if they don't vote for Hillary. This is actually something that Madeline Albright has said a long time-she wasn't literally saying someone had to vote for HRC or go to hell.

But this is how it's been framed.

While I agree that no one should vote for a woman just because she's a woman, it's something of a red herring. No one would. I mean how many of us supporting Hillary would support Sara Palin or Michelle Bachman? 

I also disagree with the claim some folks have made that women are somehow facile for voting for Hillary because she's a woman. People vote for candidates for all kinds of reasons. There has surely been worse reasons than to have the first female President. 

Many folks both black and white were inspired by Obama in 2008 because of what he represented. Why is it ok to vote for the first black President but not the first female President?

Meanwhile Susan Sarandon's comments are at least as risible as what Steinem said and apologized for. 

She says women shouldn't vote with their vagina. She is saying that it's wrong to support Hillary because she's a woman. But she's also suggesting that women should vote for 'issues' and not 'gender.' 

As a number of women on twitter have observed, this suggests gender is not an issue. Lena Dunham calls out this attitude.

This is why I agree with Madonna believe it or not. She was pilloried about a year ago when she said gay rights were much more advanced than women's rights. But just hearing the derision the comment got tells you she was right.

The noxious idea that frustrated Steinem is that we are living in a post gender world and this is a post gender election where 'only issues matter.'

At the Black and Brown Forum about a month ago, Bernie had said he believes we've made more progress against sexism than racism. He says this based on what exactly?

At least you get criticized for suggesting this is a post racial society. That this is a post gender society is the conventional wisdom.

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