Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rubio Doubles Down on the Robot

It kind of reminds us of Paul Lapage in Maine who mistakenly waited too long to veto some bills and then tried to play it off by continuing to wait that long on every bill he wanted to veto.

Of course, he fooled no one and just allowed even more Democratic bills to pass. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

Marco Rubio seems to be doing a variation of this now. When asked about his robotic repeating of his canned speech four times on Saturday night, he tries to convince us that this is by design as he wants the world to know that 'This is a fiction that Barrack Obama doesn't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing.'

He claims to have raised lots of money off these canned lines and that he pretty much wants these words on his tombstone.

"Yesterday Rubio was again repeating canned lines over and over again:

"Speaking to a crowd in Nashua, he was lamenting the decline in American family values."

"Then he lamented the decline in American values again."

"This is what he said verbatim, as his wife and four children looked on:

“We are taking our message to families that are struggling to raise their children in the 21st century because, as you saw, Jeanette and I are raising our four children in the 21st century, and we know how hard it’s become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they try to ram down our throats.

“In the 21st century, it’s becoming harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church instead of the values that they try to ram down our throats in the movies, in music, in popular culture.”

Mr. Rubio appeared to notice his own echo: As he repeated the word “throats,” he caught himself, but proceeded to the end of his sentence nonetheless."

It's interesting. When you listen to him, whether or not it's at a speech or in an interview, he never really talks, he recites.

Think Progress has a list of other lines he kept repeating at debates.

Again, it's an rather awkward position for Rubio. He has to insist that Obama is so competent just diabolical, as he has been labeled the Republican Cuban version of Obama.

There is the fact that like Obama, Rubio is just a young one term Senator. But this has led him to have to try to frame his defense of Obama's competence in guise of calling him the embodiment of evil. 

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