Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Progressive Than Thou

Some of my best friends are moderates, Bernie says. There has been a lot of talk about who is the real progressive after a bunch of his supporters called Hillary a liar after her speech Monday night that she is a progressive who gets things done.

They prefer the progressive who doesn't get things done but talks a lot about it. Not achievements but promises is what they value. A game show host who wants you to focus on the new car not how you actually obtain it.

So in tonight's CNN town hall out in NH, he was again asked about the progressive-moderate  faceoff.

He prefaced his answer with some fulsome praise of HRC-which is smart as Democrats love her-but then he said she is not a progressive in the following ways.

1. She voted for the Iraq War. Really, Bernie, you've never gone there before. 'Elect me because I didn't vote for the Iraq War.'

You know who else didn't? Barney Frank, and yet he supports her, not the Bern. That speaks volumes as does the fact that Obama, after criticizing her vote in 2008, still made her Secretary of State.

2. She has taken all this money from super PACs. Typical Bernie. With him, it's always about litmus tests. If you take money from a super PAC you're not a progressive, even if you are being tacked by almost a billion dollars in GOP super PAC money.

By this message, Bernie is also not a progressive.

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