Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hey Bernie Democrats Like Our Party's Establishment

In my last post I pointed to the weird way Bernie almost mirrors the GOP. It's not for nothing I've said he's the Ted Cruz of the Dems.

It's a conservative game to get into writing lists of who's the true conservative. Why now lists of the true progressive?

Hillary made a good point about Vermont. Bernie said he wants to use the 50 state solution and she pointed out it's actually Howard Dean's strategy and that, yes, Dean is a big supporter of her-not Bernie.

Rachel Maddow connected the dots: why does HRC have all this support from Vermont Democrats. Bernie again played the game he did with Planned Parenthood: Hillary has the Establishment support but he's gotten all these small donations.

But as Chris Hayes recently pointed out, we Dems like our Establishment.

In any case, it's not really responsive to her point. Bernie chose not to answer why they don't support him-which might tell us something about his inability to build coalitions-which you need to get shit done; getting shit done being Hillary's slogan.

Instead he basically suggests that it's not worth getting the endorsement of a Howard Dean or a Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin. But the question still begs.

Why do Dean and Shumlin, two guys who have a history supporting single payer support Hillary rather than Bernie who is calling for single payer?

Again, it all comes down to the difference between being a doer and a symbolic candidate, a gadfly. 

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