Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Media Doesn't Get Much but They Get Plagiarism

Some pointed out that there was plenty to be pretty outraged about before Melania's speech turned out to be lifted from Michelle Obama, 2008.

Speakers tonight have basically called the Democratic nominee a criminal, a c*unt, and a murder But this plagiarism thing is the big news!"

Yes. The racism and the way they attacked Hillary in such personal terms was disgusting.

Remember though, this is the Beltway media we're talking about. They should call out Trump on racism and talking about jailing Hillary if he's elected.

But the media's not smart enough for that. But plagiarism is something they understand.

They're all writers or editors, etc. The entire Beltway gets plagiarism in its gut-whether print journalists or tv.

And I'll take it. You have to if you're a Democrat. Yes, sometime it'd be nice if they get why Trump's racism makes him not just another candidate. But plagiarism is their tax evasion for Capone.

Josh Barro:

"Normals aren't watching convention coverage now. But the splitscreen will be on all the morning shows tomorrow."

That and this is making all the morning shows. It's what I've said about Emailgate: I'd love to try a natural experiment where in a parallel universe her email scandal wasn't treated quite so ubiquitously. Would so many have come to believe Hillary's dishonest then?

The best part? This is Trump. He doesn't understand what's going on here. This is not something he can just deny. The media won't forget this. Remember, this is what sank Joe Biden in 1988.

But this is exactly what Trump is doing: what plagiarism.

What Trump should have done was give the media a scapegoat. Maybe they would have let him get away with that.

I don't know that Hillary could be found guilty of a plagiarized speech and resolve it by firing the writer.

But Trump is being Trump which means he never apologizes.

This, is a mistake. This is one thing that may have staying power.

Every moment that this is the story, Trump will be squandering what window he has at his own convention.

Think of it as the Plagiarism Fairy. It gives and gives.

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  1. Erickson says "Look at the Kremlin ties!"