Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Did Meredith McIver's help with Melania's speech violate FEC law?

Melania McIver, the woman who has fallen on her sword and confessed to being the writer who led Melania to use Michelle Obama's speech.

"The mystery writer is solved-maybe. But there's a new mystery now. Did Trump violate FEC law?"

"Here's what we know about this relatively unknown woman in Trump's orbit who is now in the national spotlight:

"She's had ties to the Trump organization for a very long time: McIver has been a member of the Trump Organization -- the principal holding company for all of Trump's interests -- since at least 2001."

"She's a full-time staff writer there, and not, it seems, a paid member of his campaign, which raises questions about whether Trump violated campaign finance laws in using her help."

"If Trump used corporate resources to write a political speech, that could be illegal," my colleague Philip Bump reports.

Trump does everthing different. He even commits impeachable offenses before being in office.

McIver also has been part of some of Trump's previous Ponzi schemes that also involved plagiarism.

"She's a co-author and ghostwriter for the Trumps: McIver's main known role, it seems, is helping Trump write some of his books -- at least five, by our count."

Uh oh. Ghostwriter? A lot of opportunities for more plagiarism to come out. 

Then some wonder if Ms. McIver exists at all or is another figment of Trump's imagination.

Serious question: has any news outlet seen or interviewed Meredith McIver? Asking because of the GOP candidate's history of using aliases.

".@JoyAnnReid Yes. #DoesMeredithMcIverExist ? because her FB page just popped up out of nowhere. …

Many journos are on it now and still coming up gooseegg. That's why we are all suspicious."

Yep. Plagiarism is the gift that keeps on giving with the media. It's one thing that gets taken seriously by them-thankfully so.

Who will be the next Chris Cuomo?


  1. Wow, intrigue: RedState links to a news station claiming she's a registered Democrat:

    1. Damn, that facebook page does look pretty phony. The picture sucks. Who would put up such a sucky picture of themselves? I did a reverse image search on it and came up with nothing.

    2. OK, I tried again and two pages came up. Here's the more informative (yet it still looks like it was created today):
      Is somebody creating a backstory for this "person" as we speak? Jeez!... I can't believe how conspiratorial I'm sounding right now!

  2. Al kind of intrigue. As noted in the post, some question her very existence. A little suspicious her FB account was setup today.

    1. I'm so hoping that it turns out that she's a fictional person. What a hoot! Trump's means of dealing with crisis: example #2347

    2. The history we do have for her though poises its own problems. A ghostwriter for his books? At least one of these books she's listed on was another get rich quick scheme.

      Lots of opportunity to discover more plagiarism and other conflicts of interest, breaches of FEC law.

    3. After this came out, RedState made a point of highlighting Manafort's denials:

  3. This is awesome:

  4. Mike, you know how you said you thought Erickson was going soft on Trump earlier today? I think some of hist later posts today say otherwise:

    I have to admit I'm a little torn on this one. Don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed to see Erickson take a stand against Ted Cruz whoring himself out to Trump! What I'm conflicted on is do I want Cruz to endorse Trump or not? I think the responsible thing it to want him to NOT endorse Trump. But on the other hand, the petty vindictive part of me would **LOVE** to see Erickson either:

    1. Declare Ted Cruz a whore

    2. Make lame excuses for Cruz and become a whore himself

    3. Become incredibly disillusioned, quit blogging, turn his back on the world, and cloister himself in a monastery (or become an atheist, either one).

    And those things will only happen if Ted stands up ... er... bends over for Trump. =)

    I'm going to go with responsible here... and hope Ted doesn't endorse Trump (as if my thoughts have any effect on the world whatsoever!). There's still room for some vindictive fun in that scenario, in that maybe (just maybe) Ted will be booed from the stage. Better yet a fight breaks out on the convention floor.

    1. My guess: Ted will endorse Trump in a very round about oblique way. Similar to how Reagan "endorsed" Ford in 1976. He's a schemer that one! I suspect that Cruz is actively working to minimize my fun! =(

      Whatever the case, if Cruz is hoping for a repeat of Reagan '76, I think he's going to be disappointed, at least today. I suspect that a good 40% of the delegates there think of him as the enemy and he's going to have a hard time changing their minds. I don't think there's going to be a wave of "Oh shit: we just nominated the wrong guy!" sweep across the floor. Oh well, we'll see.

    2. ... unless, of course, he sticks with a winner and focuses entirely on new and painful tortures and creative means of execution that Hillary should be subjected to.

    3. As Trump is the nominee and this won't change, it's fine and dandy and to the greater good if Cruz doesn't endorse him.

      It hurts the unification effort

    4. I actually see Erickson's fiery posts as good news. Evidently, he's not weakening.

      I think Cruz realizes that the Ericksons of the world will be disappointed and so maybe he won't endorse.

    5. ... yes that's good, but on the other hand the Erickson's of the world have demonstrated how easy there were to defeat with their various #NeverTrump schemes. Why? Are they really not as strong as they claim? That's got to go through Cruz's head, don't you think?

  5. Well I just wrote a post that argued that Cruz may well not endorse him. In any case, there isn't much time left as Cruz speaks tonight.

    Why Ted Cruz may not endorse Donald Trump

    Basically, Cruz has never been a team player and plans to run in 2020 even in the unlikely chance Trump wins-God forbid.

    We should know soon

  6. Cruz hasn't gotten where he has in life-wherever that is-by being a team player.

    He is indifferent to Donald Trump's fortunes.

    And there are a lot of angry #NeverTrumpers. Tonight, Cruz wants to cement himself as their leader

    1. I heard he was greeted in Cleveland by a throng of his fans (and delegates) with cheers of "2020!"