Monday, July 25, 2016

The Real Scandal of DNC Leaks

It's not that the DNC had its finger on the scales in the election-it didn't and no one has shown that it did. Debbie Wasserman-Schutlz just said that Jeff Weaver is an ass-which is just the truth.

Remember this was back when Weaver and Bernie had started calling for her to step down. They made all kinds of baseless attacks against the DNC. But calling someone an ass is nothing to do with whether the process was fair.

It was 100 percent fair. All the votes were counted and Hillary got 4 million more.

What is a real scandal here is what Putin and Russia are doing.

Jelani Cobbs.

The American left has underestimated the evil in that region once before. We shouldn't make that same mistake again."

I'm simply saying the left should be suspicious of gifts delivered by the govt responsible for the deaths of multiple journalists.

The big story is not that the DNC put its finger on the scale-as they did no such thing. The story is that Russia is putting its own finger on the scale.

"Evidence suggests that a Russian intelligence group was the source of the most recent Wikileaks intel dump, which was aimed to influence the U.S. election."

"Close your eyes and imagine that a hacking group backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin broke into the email system of a major U.S. political party. The group stole thousands of sensitive messages and then published them through an obliging third party in a way that was strategically timed to influence the United States presidential election. Now open your eyes, because that’s what just happened."

"On Friday, Wikileaks published 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee. They reveal, among other things,thuggish infighting, a push by a top DNC official to use Bernie Sanders’ religious convictions against him in the South, and attempts to strong-arm media outlets. In other words, they reveal the Washington campaign monster for what it is."

I don't agree that any such 'monster' was revealed. What you have to wonder is what is it about emails in 2016? It seems that they are the weapon of choice to destroy Hillary Clinton.

But as she pointed out last night in her 60 Minutes interview with Tim Kaine, this shows is nothing else that the government email system is hardly secure.

“This has all the hallmarks of tradecraft. The only rationale to release such data from the Russian bulletproof host was to empower one candidate against another. The Cold War is alive and well,” Tom Kellermann, the CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures told Defense One.

As Colonel Morris Davis said on Twitter.

"As @JoeNBC suggests, the @realDonaldTrump - Manafort- Putin - Russian spy agency links read like a Tom Clancy book plot"

This really does remind us of the cold war era when Russia was always trying to put its finger on the scales of US elections.

"Conspiracy theory? Maybe not. Is Putin behind the DNC email leak? Fascinating, scary."

UPDATE: Joy Reid says the same thing:

"This isn't getting as much attention, but Russian meddling in the U.S. election IS the biggest bombshell out there."

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