Monday, July 25, 2016

I Don't Have to be Brave Every Day

As Chris Hayes says, the night is getting better out in Philadelphia.

"Feel of the room complete 180 from 4pm. Feels like an excited, united crowd."

I notice the same though it helps to watch CSPAN.

Paul Swinebaum RTed back to Chris Hayes:

Well, if Anastasia Somoza doesn't shock reality back into this crowd, nothing will.

Yes. Anastasia Somoza was a powerful speech.

So was Katie Ortiz.

?Earlier this year, the Hillary Clinton campaign released an ad featuring Clinton meeting with a group of Latino families to discuss their concerns about immigration and what she would do to ensure that more families wouldn’t broken up by deportation."

"The breakout star of the spot was Karla Ortiz, an 11-year-old girl and American citizen who broke into tears while telling Clinton that she lived in constant fear that her undocumented parents would be deported."

"Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, Ortiz took to the stage with her mother to give a moving speech that touched on many of the same points that she brought up in Clinton’s ad. Rather than continuing to live in fear of her parents being deported, Ortiz said, she’d become committed to the idea of becoming a lawyer in hopes of being able to help other families like hers when she’s older."

“I don’t feel brave every day. On most days I’m scared that at any moment my mom and my dad will be forced to leave,” Ortiz said. “And I wonder what if I come home and find it empty?” She added that Clinton “wants me to have the worries of an 11 year old, not the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

Because Hillary promised her she'll worry about it. It is a scary time. When all the pundits gloat about how close Trump is to be President, it's no laughing matter to the Katie Ortizes of the world.

Maybe Susan Sarandon can sit back and say 'After Trump, us.' But disaster will strike long before the 'us' gets there if it ever will.

Best line tonight so far, hands down:

Sarah Silverman’s line “to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous” got such a huge cheer. A reminder by voice that Clinton still won this thing by quite a bit."

Though, Al Franken's entire speech was wall to wall awesome. 

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