Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania's Speech Underscores That Trump is a Totally Incompetent Manager

Last night's plagiarism mess on Melania's speech underscores well that not only is Trump a vicious racist, but he's totally unqualified to do the job.

He's said in the past that he can do better because of 'good management.'


"Trump's racism and viciousness are disqualifying of course. But so is the incompetence and stupidity of his operation. He can't do the job."

"The repeated lesson of the general election has been that Donald Trump is an utterly incompetent manager."

We've seen many examples of this throughout the campaign of course. But last night underscored it as well as anything has.

Here is someone who says he hires the best. Well who was it that gave Melania this speech to use?

Not just that a plagiarized speech was used-Biden's campaign was lost to this problem, 1988.

But also his campaign's disastrous response to it. They first claimed that Melania came up with it totally on her own, then they blamed a 'team of writers'-ignoring that the media views plagiarism as a serious offense where someone has to pay for real, not just in pretend.

If Trump becomes president, the same laziness and carelessness and dishonesty that led to this will cause much much bigger problems.

1/ Trump doesn't know much. But in theory, he'll "hire the best people" to fill the gaps. Yet his campaign staff couldn't stop this fuckup."

Trump egoism & hiring of an incompetent staff have humiliated his wife, who seems to be a totally inoffensive person."

So that's half of the problem with Melania's lifted speech.

The other half? This was supposed to be about the 'real Trump.'

The idea is that a man's wife knows. She can tell us who the real man is. This is what Ann Romney was supposed to do in 2012.

I didn't love that speech but it did enable you to feel you'd learned a little more about Romney at the end of it.

Before it was shown to be a forgery, a number in the media were lauding her speech. But honestly, it was a good speech only relative to expectations-which are absurdly low.

But it taught us nothing about Trump we didn't already know. There were no anecdotes about him in her speech of anything new.

"I'm always struck by the total absence of incidents and specifics in praise of Trump, v sharp contrast to Romney testimonials in 2012."

Maybe Melania got to the part of the speech where she was supposed to insert a humanizing anecdote, couldn’t recall any, and panicked?"

The reason is that with Trump everything is fraud. Everything is just for appearances and about image, even his marriage.

Sorry. There is no there there.

Trump's ability is to slap the Trump name onto things. Full stop.

Josh Marshall argues that for Trump there is nothing but domination or humiliation. There's no in between.

David Frum sums it up well:

"Donald Trump’s worst fear is that people will laugh at him."

"… and ends the evening by turning the most important “humanize the candidate” speech of the convention into a farcical humiliation."

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