Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Wanted Kaisch to be His Cheney

You know, the guy really running the country.

Again, underscoring that he's fraud who just slaps his logo on stuff, the Trump team tried to seduce Kasich by offering to let him run the country.

In other words, Kasich would have been the actual President.

"Donald Trump doesn’t want to be president — or, at least, he doesn’t want the responsibility."

"That’s the way things look after the New York Times reported Wednesday that Donald Trump Jr. offered Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) the opportunity to be "the most powerful vice president in history" back in May."

"According to a Kasich adviser who spoke with the Times, the younger Trump said that Kasich would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy. And what would Donald Sr. be in charge of?"

"Making America great again."

"People have long debated Trump’s rationale for running for president. Some think it’s a way for him to prove the "haters and losers" wrong. Some think he’s power hungry. His supporters believe he genuinely wants to lead the country in a new direction. But whether he’s willing to do the actual work if the job becomes his is the real question."

In other words, Americans who vote for Trump only think they are voting for Trump. 

This is why, while, Ryan barely uses Trump's name in public, I think he and the GOP would be fine with Trump. 

There are a whole host of things they would be able to work with him on. Ok, maybe they don't want to ban all refugees. But even Jeb wanted to relegate it to Christian refugees. 

They could work with him. Pence in this case might be the guy. They'd overturn the minimum wage and outlaw abortion 

Trump would enjoy the news coverage. 

I think there is too much focus on policy differences with Trump. If he wins, the GOP Congress and Senate will basically dictate federal policy. 

Maybe they will act as his brake on some of his more outlandish things. But they will get to end Obamacare and give us 30 more years of conservative dominance of the SJC. 



  1. Maybe Trump really does have a reading disability... and he's afraid doing actual policy might require him to read stuff.

  2. O/T: Mike, a quote from a 538 article:

    To understand why someone might acknowledge that Trump has made outrageous comments and yet still support him, consider what an internet commenter calling himself Bryan wrote. He’s supporting Trump “because a vote for Trump is as close to a punch in the face to the ENTIRE establishment as you can get.” And then there’s this: “Is he a racist misogynistic asshole? Yes. Is he a big-time buffoon who makes a joke of himself? Yes. Is he a narcissistic snob who makes careless controversial statements? Yes,” wrote a Trump supporter at Quora. “But, he will have the independence to implement any legislation without having any external pressure. And that is good for the country.”

    Emphasis mine. My question to that person would be ***WHY???*** Why on earth is not having any external pressure a **GOOD** thing? That's the whole basis of checks and balances!

    1. "Bryan" there actually sounds a bit like Harding.

    2. Right someone with no external pressure is: a dictator

    3. Not only that, but Steve Berman pointed out yesterday that it's nuts to imagine this myth about Trump to begin with: just sing his praises and he rolls over like a puppy:

      Shoot, I can't find it now (I really really hate the way TheResurgent is organized)

    4. Here it is: