Thursday, July 28, 2016

Former Reagan Speechwriter is With Her

Not a hard choice either for Doug Elmets who addressed the DNC about half an hour ago:

"Forty years ago, as an idealistic college kid in Des Moines, Iowa, I cast my first vote for president. I voted Republican, and I’ve done the same in dozens of elections since."

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"Along the way, I worked in the White House for President Ronald Reagan and as an adviser for countless politicians here in California – all of them Republican. The GOP has always been my happy home."

"But this year is different. This year party loyalty must take a backseat to what’s best for America. This year I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, and given the alarming alternative crowned by millions of my fellow Republicans, it’s an easy call.

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Then there is the Republicans for Hillary co-founder who also spoke a few minutes ago.

"Not that long ago, Jennifer Pierotti Lim was rooting for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to win the Republican primary. She also was really impressed by Carly Fiorina’s debate performances. As a young Republican from Virginia who now works for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, she was hoping the White House would turn red in 2016."

"On Thursday night, however, she will address the Democratic National Convention and express her support for Hillary Clinton.

“If you told me a year ago that I would be speaking at the DNC, I would never have believed you,” Lim told The Huffington Post. She said she has never voted for a Democrat.

"Lim couldn’t believe it when Republican leaders who had previously denounced Donald Trump started endorsing him ― despite his comments denigrating women and minorities. In May, she co-founded a group called Republican Women for Hillary."

"She and her leadership team already have a network of 50 GOP women who want to get engaged and volunteer to defeat Trump."

“Especially for the Republican Party, it is very important that Trump loses this election. Then the Republican Party can come together, figure out what their values and priorities are going to be separate from influence of Trump,” Lim said, adding that the party was really turning off her demographic of millennial women.

In her speech she pointed out that 'We're not just Democrats and Republicans, we're Americans.'

This is why I think Hillary's choice of Tim Kaine-at President Obama's strong urging-was the right one.

Elizabeth Warren would be a nod to an ideological election. It's the one that the Bernie folks would have liked. But this is an election where Dems can win a bigger margin with a less ideological stance.

Warren would have made it harder for GOPers and right leaning indies to come over. But as the election comes down to competence, experience, and hope, this can have trans partisan and ideological appeal. 

The New Republic's Jeet Heer:

"Casting Trump in opposition to traditional conservatism and Republican doctrine allowed Obama and Kaine to pull off a daring ideological move: They made an appeal to Republicans without diluting their liberalism. Obama pointedly praised Bernie Sanders even as he made a pitch to Republicans, and he and Kaine both talked about gun control and economic fairness. In effect, they were saying to Republicans: Trump is so toxic that you have to come over to us, and we’ll be happy to have you, but we won’t change our core values."

"The last time liberal politicians had the luxury of trying to appeal to moderate Republicans while remaining steadfastly to the left on policy was in 1964, when Lyndon Johnson won over many voters who found Barry Goldwater beyond the pale. If the gambit on display Wednesday night works, we could see a seismic realignment of American politics."

Yes. Hillary is using the LBJ strategy, a 70-30 not a 51-49 model. As Jeet Here says, this is not a question of betraying liberal principles but having an appeal that goes beyond only ideology. 

Indeed, what this election potentially does is allow the Dems to become a majority party again for the first time since the New Deal heyday. 

"The GOP’s nomination of Trump, some Democrats believe, has created a unique opportunity for the Democrats to lay claim to the mantle of sober, responsible, sane, and mature governing party in a manner that could transform our politics to an unforeseen degree in coming years. This morning, there are indications that some conservatives agree with this, too."

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  1. Chelsea Clinton is a pretty good speaker. I like her easy going style, and her genuine cheerful smiling delivery.