Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine Talks the Language of Social and Racial Justice

Jamil Smith just pointed this out on MSNBC. Yes Kaine speaks Spanish which is a very good thing. But as Smith says, even better Kaine is about racial justice and civil rights.

Earlier today I pointed out that while there is knowledge of Kaine's ties to the Latino community, there is less understanding about his ties to the Black community. That he goes to a majority African-American church and has always encouraged his children to socialize and get to know persons of color.

It's one thing to speak lip service, but he wanted do do more thank talk, he sent his kids to go to schools with a sizable number of Black students.

One knock on Kaine was abortion. He is prolife but only personally as a Catholic. He is prochoice as a an elected official with a 100 NARAL rating.

Are you still concerned? Well keep in mind how many other great liberals fit this description. Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy as the most famous Catholic as them all.

What's more, Kaine's Catholic faith is a feature not a bug. It's the way to really understand the man. It's his deep belief in the Catholic notion of the Social Gospel that has taught him the language of social justice, of racial justice, of civil rights.

Think about the contrast. In his first forays into the public consciousness in the 70s Trump fought with his father to keep Black people off Trump properties-fighting the Housing Authority every step of the way.

Kaine for his part fought for the civil rights of AAs every step of the way for years.

In addition, much as I resent having to say it, maybe he helps her on the trust issue. I resent this as I think she's is one of the most honest and trustworthy people in politics. But this narrative clearly has gotten some groundswell: aided largely by a all too wiling media.

But Kaine is the ultimate boy scout. No one is going to question Kaine's trustworthiness. He is a Jesuit missionary. And this is who he is. For those who question his progressive committment, he gets his commitment from his belief in the Social Gospel.

Anyway. That was quite a rollout for Hillary-Kaine. What a speech. Andrea Mitchell-who is so often so catty about Hillary-admitted that the first Hillary-Kaine event was about as perfect as it could have gone for Democrats.

"In their first joint appearance as running mates, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) made the case that they represented everything their Republican counterparts do not."

“Hillary Clinton is the direct opposite of Donald Trump,” Kaine told a lively audience at a Saturday rally in Miami.

"Coming days after the close of the Republican National Convention, Kaine and Clinton painted a picture of an entirely different country than the fractured, fearful one that Trump detailed in Cleveland."

"Kaine described the U.S. as a “rich and beautiful tapestry” of diversity and a “country of inclusion” that accepts people regardless of race, creed, sexual identity or religion."

"The Virginia Democrat, who worked as a missionary in Honduras and civil rights lawyer, repeatedly lapsed into Spanish while introducing himself to the crowd."

“En este paĆ­s somos Americanos todos,” he said to cheers from the audience. (“In this country, we’re all Americans.”)

"Repeatedly, Kaine affirmed his and Clinton’s promises to push comprehensive immigration reform and keep undocumented families together, praising the values of the Latino community in the U.S."

"Both Kaine and Clinton knocked Donald Trump for saying “I alone” can fix the problems the country faces in his speech accepting the GOP nomination, comparing the phrasing to that of a dictator’s."

“We Americans, we solve problems together,” Clinton said in her speech introducing Kaine, calling her GOP opponent “dangerously wrong.” “And if Donald Trump doesn’t understand that, he doesn’t understand America. I know that nobody does anything all alone.”

They really are the opposite of Trump right down to the rollout. Trump didn't even want Mike Pence. Then at the rollout he spoke for 28 minutes with Pence standing there like a tree. Then once finished Trump was off leaving Pence to talk alone.

Hillary again showed a point Ezra Klein has made: her talent as a politician is less that she talks than that she listens. She brings a classic feminine trait of listening to politics at a time we desperately need it.

Part of what I really enjoyed about her and Kaine out on the stump is the way she first introduced him, told us about Tim Kaine the man and public servant-Trump was all about Trump and how he's the most amazing thing ever.

Yesterday he even claimed to to be the best thing that ever happened to the Secret Service. Wish I were kidding.

Then, when she was done. she: listened. I credit Klein for developing this point that this is what makes her a very talented politician. In politics there is communication, coalition building, and listening. Classic male politicians like Trump-and Bernie though I don't mean Bernie is like Trump ideologically just stylistically-talk. They're less interested in listening.

Hillary listens. And this is really enjoyable to watch. I noticed the same thing in her rally with Obama. Obama to be fair, is a much better listener than Trump-who isn't.

When two politicians campaign together, it's important that each listens when the other speaks. It's important for those of us watching to see that. And when Kaine was talking today, you could see Hillary's sincere pleasure, enthusiasm and interest in what Kaine was saying.

Again, couldn't be a bigger contrast with Trump and Pence at the 60 minutes interview.

Finally I have to close with this thought on Twitter from Girls Really Rule for best tweet of the week.

"I feel like my mom is suddenly dating the perfect guy...#ClintonKaine"

I was thinking the same thing: sometimes nice guys become Vice President.

I think this is what the country is missing. This is a complaint that Bill Clinton made to with his throwdown with Black Lives Matter which I agreed with: Americans need to start listening to each other again. Also we could use a nice guy for a change.

And this is exactly what Clinton-Kaine is about. 


  1. O/T: OK Mike, I exercised my twitter account a little to dump a brief 3 tweet twitter sprinkle on Steve Berman (my least favorite author) for this piece in which he implies that Twitter is Maoist-like for permanently deleting the account of Milo Yiannopoulos (the uncivil Trump loving alt-rightist author at Breitbart... and a self described "dangerous faggot" who falsely thinks that PCism is the most terrible affliction of mankind... while ignoring the equally noxious tPCism (Trump-lovers PCism)).

    I asked Steve when and will be granting Milo accounts on their sites to help salve the PTSD that Milo suffered at the terrible Big Brother-like hands of Twitter?... or are they giant hypocrites expecting the private company Twitter to be "fair and balanced" to Milo and his alt-rightist pals when they themselves would NEVER even let an alt-rightist Trump supporter like Milo on their sites in the 1st place!!! (They keep a tidy "safe space" over there for people who think just like them, and they like it that way... which I agree is their right, but talk about irony!).

    I do give them credit for accurately seeing that the alt-right is despicable, but it's funny they think Twitter is somehow obliged to give them a voice when they never would even dream of it.

    Steve Berman is pretty much the only person over there that I feel like poking in the eye on a regular basis (about 40% of his articles are stupid IMO).... and I couldn't figure any other reliable means of doing it except through Twitter.

  2. Yes. E. Harding is on Twitter as well. He was trying to talk about Hillary one day and I changed the subject to who his favorite Presidents are. Later on he told me he wrote a new post about that.

  3. O/T: bad news for hate-mongering fascist parasites whose very life-blood is dependent upon rage, ill will, terror, fear of the other, chaos & destruction, xenophobia, and cultural and racial hatred and bigotry:

    The Munich shooter (though a native born German of Iranian (and thus likely of Shiite rather than Sunni) ancestry), "David," was likely motivated more by psychological derangement and anti-foreigner hatred (a la white nationalist Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik) than he was by ISIS or any other Islamic Terror groups. The Trump-esque alt-right fascists must be very very sad that it will be more difficult to use this incident to whip up racial and cultural hatred. =(

    However, I'm sure that won't stop them from trying, especially in the US and especially in the Trump campaign. Their base has no concept of Sunni vs Shia, Persian vs A-rab, Iran vs Middle East, and that 99% of Islamic terror attacks originate from nominally Sunni based terror groups. Try explaining those subtleties to a fearful bigoted mouth-breather know-nothing conspiracy theory addled jackass who's brain works thusly:

    Dark skin color + Democrat + liberal + progressive + "community organizer" + uppity blacks + reverse racism + affirmative action + Jeremiah Wright + Saul Alinsky + funny sounding name ("Barack Hussein Obama") + Yankee uppity black accent


    Jack booted iron fisted Mooslim commie fascist imperial FEMA-trailer-building death-camps-for-white-people (#WhiteGenocide) Satan worshiping atheist Marxist Tyrant who's also curiously a weakling, sissy, homosexual secret Islamic radical Kenyan traitor to America who (along with his zombie cultist God-hating elitist fancy talkin' cuck race mixing liberal globalist secular latte sipping NWO city dwelling establishment supporters) does everything in his VAST sissy powers to utterly destroy and vanquish all vestiges of freedom, Jesus, Christianity, the constitution, motherhood, masculinity, heterosexuality, the family, liberty, the Bible, values, puppies rainbows and all things good and decent.

    Well anyway, here's the article:

  4. Mike, I've been catching up on my recorded political shows from Friday (Matthews, Hayes, Maddow, etc) and I have to say, I'm really really liking this Tim Kaine guy so far. You're absolutely right: he's an excellent choice. It's a smart choice, I love the guys personality and his resume and his temperament and his squeaky clean choir boy background.


    You called it! Bravo!

    After seeing the GOP shit show last week and especially after watching Trumpacolypse 2016... and seeing him shout himself from orange to red in a fever pitch of doom and gloom me me me centered would-be tyrant speak, Tim Caine is **SO REFRESHING**. I hope the rest of the country finds him to be as well. His smile is warm and genuine. He has a sense of humor and a clam demeanor. He has a certain calmness in the manner of his speech that Hillary Clinton sometimes lacks, so he compliments her here beautifully.

    I'm thinking this is a superb ticket!

    1. "calm demeanor" not "clam demeanor!" ... Lol, =)

    2. They played a clip of Chuck Todd interviewing him and reading him a lot of press descriptions of him calling him boring. He appeared to genuinely find that really funny, and when Todd asked him if he was boring, he said (paraphrasing):

      Yes, I am boring. However, boring is an important growing demographic!

      I'm sold! That was great.

      If Tim Caine is actually and evil con man, then he's perfectly attuned to taking me for everything I've got (in contrast to Trump, who sets off every warning alarm possible in my brain).

    3. He's boring in a GOOD way, not a painful way. So I don't think "boring" is really the best word, but I'll go with it for now for lack of anything else.

      I'm EXCITED by his kind of boring!! =)

    4. ... and I don't really give a fuck if the progressive/socialist/Sanders wing finds him less exciting than they'd like. They got a SHIT LOAD of stuff already in the ticket and concessions from Hillary on TPP etc. If they want excitement, they can watch reruns of the GOP convention: that should excite them plenty! The party has moved far enough left, it's time to make a play for the center.

      Tim Kaine should camp out on Telemundo and it's Spanish language competitors and win over the Spanish speaking segment of the population... and INSPIRE them to get out there and vote. That's super important! I'm so glad he's fluent in Spanish!

      I could see the Spanish language US media treating him like Fox and "Morning Joe" treated Trump (should his personality be a hit with that group, and I hope it is). Wouldn't that be awesome? I'd like to basically see him anchoring their news shows from now till November!

    5. ... one last point: I LIKE the way the guy looks! He's not an orange freak like Trump with a Flannel Moth caterpillar on his head (or as Maher said a 1950s pompadour that's lost the will to live). He's not a pissed high school football coach looking dude like Mike Pence is. He's not too tall next to Hillary. He looks friendly, caring, humble, thoughtful, trustworthy and gregarious. Shit, I'm liking everything about this guy!

    6. ... one last last point: I *LIKE* his abortion rights position. Why? It's not the most important thing to me, he's got a solid liberal rating on that score, BUT because he's stated that he's opposed to it personally and he wants to reduce the number of abortions he may have some cross over appeal to moderate Republicans or independents who are anti-abortion, but for whom that's not the most important issue.

  5. Mike, this wiki-leaks of DNC emails and a potential tie to Russia is fucking creepy! You know that Trump really just wanted one thing on the GOP platform changes: remove the language condemning Russia for taking over the Crimea.

    Fucking Putin and Trump... pile of shit! ***I can't believe the GOP is OK with this***... they flipped like a cheap date.

    The entire Neocon wing of the GOP should be panicking right now about Trump and his ties to Putin, and doing all they can to help the Hillary / Caine ticket.

    1. This is what I'm talking about: