Thursday, July 21, 2016

Erica Garner: I'm Ready to Knock on Doors for Hillary

While her mother endorsed Hilary, Erica Garner endorsed Bernie. This was something of a trend in the primary: most of the older AA mothers who lost children to police violence went for Hillary but some of the kids were turned by Bernie.

Actually not as much among Black millennials as White millennials but more than their parents-who were very strong for Hillary.

Anyway, it looks Ms. Garner is a little take aback after watching the Republican convention for a few nights.

"I never thought I would care if #Hillary or #Trump won until today... This "thin blue line" comment got me ready to knock doors for #Hillary"

Not surprisingly some of the Bernie or Busters turned on her. Here is one example from Hart Noecker:

"It's all a scam, and it's the same scam every 4 years. Don't give into false dichotomy of neoliberalism vs neofascism."

"If your litmus test is picking the most likely winner, you have no moral principle."

That's the same fallacy Stalin's Marxists-all Marxists then were for Stalin-fell for in 1932: sure Hitler was a fascist but the Social Democrats were 'Social Fascists.'

His idea that morality requires you ignore who wins elections is absurdly irresponsible. Just like those non Jewish Marxists who didn't mind if Hitler got elected.

To tell anyone that concern over Trump are just fear tactics is extremely irresponsible.

Later Erica Garner tweeted this:

"Tweet that I'm so scared that I am thinking of knocking doors for #Hillary and people call me stupid? Not making a case for your candidate."

Well, that's the Busters for you. In any case, there does seem to be some good news. In recent polls, Jill Stein does not seem to be doing well.

In a new Ohio poll Trump and Hillary are tied at 44. But when you had Stein and Gary Johnson, she still gets 43 and Trump drops to 39.

Stein gets just 1 percent while Johnson gets 5 percent.

So while HA Goodman and a few Bernie or Busters are now just trying to destroy Hillary-the consequences of a Trump Presidency be damned-it seems that few Bernie supporters are following.

In addition, maybe Kaisch's very public non endorsement of Trump this week will further drive Trump's numbers down in Ohio.

To mobilize turnout, Trump really needs Kasich's help. It's not looking too good for him getting it.


  1. HA Goodman needs a padded cell and a LONG break. He's a full on cultist, as bad as the worst worshiper of the orange supramacist man-child. Even Harding realizes that Trump is a lying con man... he just thinks he's the best lying conman.

  2. Jill Stein should drop out and throw her support behind Hillary. This is a national emergency. I don't have a problem with her scratching and clawing for 0.5% of the electorate most other years, even in a close race, but this is not a normal race because one of the candidates is legitimate menace to human survival.

    As for Johnson: he's a mixed bag. I think overall he's probably a slightly worse drag on Hillary, but that's jut a guess (based on playing around with the app on the 538 site, and looking at a number of polls).

    I really wish the Libertarians had nominated the guy that Erickson liked (the anti-abortion guy). I think the Libs would have drawn a lot more away from Trump in that case, making the race look better for HRC. But alas, that's not what happened.

    1. You'd think he'd be more of a drag from Trump as that would be the second choice of GOPers.

      But I almost worry he's too anti Trump. It splits the anti Trump vote maybe more than the GOP vote.

      In this Ohio poll in my piece though it looks good. Stein is at 1 percent and Johnson is almost totally taking from Trump

    2. I agree with you on Stein. Worse than her running is her telling people don't be afraid about Trump

  3. Mike, I have an idea for a 3rd party: I'd call it the "Punch the government in the face" party, and our symbol would be a fist punching a face. It would be the official "protest vote" party for wankers who can't handle reality.