Monday, July 18, 2016

At Least Scott Baio Didn't Plagiarize His Speech

Harry Enten with the burn:

"At least Scott Baio didn't plagiarize his speech. #happydays

I just saw Joy Reid on MSNBC again. I think she's exactly right. This rush to blame solely the writer is weak. If Michelle Obama gave a plagiarized speech-while claiming to write it-she'd be destroyed, full stop.

Let's be honest: no way in a million years would Hillary get off the hook if she gave a plagiarized speech, no matter what the reason. She'd never be able to pass the buck as some are trying to pass the buck for the Trumps right now.

"They are working so hard to absolve Melania Trump. But as @VanJones68 said, no one gave Michelle Obama an inch."

More fundamentally, I think Joy Reid gets to the larger point. This underscores the whole knock on Trump: his business record is fraud.

Trump U, him impersonating John Miller, him claiming to be a billionaire but not showing his tax returns.

Everything about him seems to be fraudulent. Melania was supposed to finally show us something real about him.

Turns out she had to read another woman's words, just so happens to be the woman who is wife of the man that Trump has libeled as not born in this country.

It all hangs together.

Even his own wife has nothing real to say about him. It was notable that when her speech was done we knew nothing about Trump that we didn't know before. She gave us not one personal anecdote to let us learn more about him.

Does she even know him any better than we do?


  1. Can anyone get to the coward Democrats and let them know that they should pound this Plagiarizing thing in. Republicans would pound and pound this thing. Why are the Dems such cowards? We you grab a scandal, you pound, pound, and pound it in. The Republicans are masters at that. Why are the Dems such damn cowards!

  2. Cornell, you're preaching to the choir here.

    I think some Dems even worry it's not a important as Trump's racism, talk about jailing Hillary, etc.

    But I agree: the media gets plagiarism, and you run with it. It's like getting Capone on tax evasion. Yes, the murders he did was more important but you get him how you can.