Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Explains Trumpism

Often you hear conservatives say that President Obama is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

That is totally false. Obama is not in any way responsible for it. But it is true that the rise of Trumpism is a reaction, a major anxiety formation against President Obama.

I've argued that this election is a referendum on President Obama, on Obama's America. After eight years do Americans have regret? This is the wager of Donald Trump.

Please understand: the rise of Trump is no accident and it's not about one man. Others had tried to fill this same space: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, most of the GOP candidates.

None of them resisted Trumpism and all had tried to be it's leader. Trump is just better at it and took it further than they ever envisioned.

It's amazing that Ted Cruz, the man who singlehandedly forced a government shutdown in 2013, ended up being the Establishment candidate late in the race.

But Trumpism was there. I suspect it will be after November even if Trump is defeated-which is likely though not guaranteed; so we must be vigilant.

The NeverTrumpers are disgusted by Trump and recognize him for what he is: a clear and present danger to the very Republic.

Benjamin Franklin had said 'A Republic, if you can keep it.'

They get that he's the America Caesar. The question, is why do so many other Republicans and conservatives support him?

I think Rush Limbaugh has the reason:

"But I do want to take the time here to remind you of something. And that is this. I warned everybody that Donald Trump does believe in using government. You can't avoid this. And one of the dangers -- I chronicled this, too, and I shared with you the people that have this fear -- one of the dangers that people have in supporting Trump is as a result of what Obama's done."

"Obama has used the government and has pretended the Constitution isn't there in order to enact his agenda, and his supporters have eaten it up and they've loved it and they haven't cared. They haven't cared the Constitution gets stepped on. They haven't cared the guy disrespects it. They only care about their agenda being done, implemented; and if Obama has to do whatever it takes, fine and dandy. The danger is that Obama's opponents are gonna feel comfortable authorizing the same kind of extra constitutional power and behavior to fix all of this."

"Illustration: Obama does not have the power to ignore the immigration law and the courts have said this. He does not have the power to implement executive orders allowing uncontrolled immigration from illegals across the border. He doesn't have the power to do it. Yet he's doing it because nobody's stopping him, other than one judge."

"Well, by the same token, Donald Trump doesn't have the power to come in and write an executive order and erase whatever it is the Democrats have implemented by way of legislation. Just because we don't like it means we can't come in and use almighty executive power and erase it and fix it that way. For example, we cannot legally, constitutionally come in and pass a presidential executive order that does away with Obamacare. And yet people would be perfectly happy if that happened, even though that is a great example of the vast overreach of executive power, as defined by, permitted by Constitution. Just can't do it. "

"Obamacare was passed by the House of Representatives. It was passed by the Senate and signed by the president. Appealing this, getting rid of it has to come from Congress. I don't care who the president is, he can't go in there and wave a magic wand and sign a document that says Obamacare dies as of tomorrow morning at 6am. But one of the fears people had, and these were anti-Trumpers on the Republican side, one of the fears they had was that because Obama has made such a mess of everything and it's such a crisis, that it's so disastrous that people would unwittingly support the same kind of extra constitutional behavior in a Republican president to get rid of this stuff, which would not be good, either, particularly if you happened to be a constitutionalist."

"Now, I don't expect everybody to remember the number of times that I raised this, but I guarantee you're gonna see people writing about it after Trump's speech last night, because he clearly laid out that whatever is wrong, he is gonna fix it. (imitating Trump) "I'm gonna make sure that no country can take jobs out of America without consequence." I'm sorry, it doesn't work that way. But a lot of people want him to be able to. And the reason a lot of people want him to be able to is because the Democrats have gotten away with doing that kind of stuff that screwed everything up. And so the fix is necessary, and it's immediate, and it's urgent. So if that's what it takes to fix this and stop this rot and get rid of this poison then by God do it."

Now, note, Rush also blames Obama for the rise of Trump. What he's saying-and many Republicans and those on the Right-are saying is Obama has destroyed our country. He has destroyed its institutions ignored the constitution, basically America is destroyed.

The only way to get it back means that the Right has to come to embrace government. More than simply embrace it they need a dictatorship. For those groups of angry white folks, those who feel that cultural change has been too much too fast, the only way to get it back is to elect a Caesar.

Peter Thiel, the Trump supporting billionaire in 2009 declared that he no longer believes in democracy.

"I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible," Thiel wrote in a 2009 essay explaining the ideas behind Seasteading. He evidently believed it would be easier to build a new society from the bottom up than to fix the problems with the American political system."

It's not at all an accident that he wrote that after Obama's win. A lot of conservatives and libertarians really went off the deep end after Obama.

Basically the only way the same people who used to dominate America can continue to do so is via a Trumpian style dictatorship.

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