Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maureen Dowd is So Mad at President Obama

She's upset with Obama for endorsing Hillary so full throatedly, for speaking up for her, for 'the hug.'

"An army of idealistic young people had moved to Iowa in 2007 to help Obama beat seemingly impossible odds. But in this election, Bernie Sanders’s idealistic young people were cast as unrealistic dreamers who wanted free stuff or, according to Gloria Steinem, dates."
There she goes again. That's classic Dowd. She dismisses Hillary as being from a boomer generation we should turn the page on, while Dowd herself is the worst kind of a certain female boomer type.

Maybe she and Camille Paglia can cry over their wine or something. And whine.

Dowd mentions Steinem in a classic two step. She raps Ms. Steinem's knuckles for allegedly disrespecting young women when Dowd represents an older anti feminist line. Dowd's whole purpose of being at the Times was to to make the kind of attacks on Hillary Clinton no man could ever get away with.

Steinem may have used a poor choice of words when she said that young women were following their boyfriends into feeling the Bern. But I get her frustration. Young women are quite frankly sadly ignorant of history.

This is not in any way shape or form a post gender campaign. Dowd and Camille are only too happy to skate from the old anti feminist boomer line to an allegedly hip post feminist line while opposing feminism in root and branch at every step of the way.

Camille Paglia says she voted for Obama in 2008. Of course, he beat That Woman. Then in 2012 she voted for Jill Stein and presumably will do the same again. In 2000 she voted for Ralph Nader. Yet Paglia claims she's a 'life long Democrat.'

Let's be clear. For Ms. Dowd, what made her personally hopeful about Obama is that his 2008 win would prevent That Woman from ever getting in the WH on her own rite.

Greg Sargent:

"This @NYTimesDowd column doesn't inform or illuminate. It just tells us how angry she is that DNC was success."

Barry Friedman:

"Is pragmatism a crime in politics? This is the year to think so; but history says otherwise. Eg FDR, Lincoln."

Maureen Dowd never understood what Obama's vision was about. It was not that of a Bernie Bro or Camille Paglia: where the only goal is to destroy Hillary Clinton full stop.

That might be what he meant to Dowd, but this just shows that Dowd never got it and never will.

Dowd's Hillary Derangement Syndrome is so bad that compared to Lady McBeth, even Rahm Emmanuel along with Donald Trump come across sympathetically .

"Besides Biden, Obama threw another loyal former lieutenant, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, under the bus."

"In the D.N.C. video introducing Obama at the convention, the president was built up as a hero on health care. It said Emanuel went to the president and said, “You’re going to have to pull the bill, because if you push this legislation, you will lose in 2012.”

"Emanuel, who was hosting a party at the convention that night, was rightfully upset. It was his job to warn the president of the political consequences, and after Obama decided, it was Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi who had to arm-twist the bill through with no Republican votes."

"Before he died, Beau Biden told his father he wanted him to run partly because he didn’t want the White House to fall back into the miasma of Clinton family values.

"The president made his vote-for-Hillary-or-face-doom convention speech only 22 days after his F.B.I. director painted Hillary as reckless and untruthful."

"He argued that there is no choice but to support Hillary against a “self-declared savior” like Donald Trump, perhaps forgetting that Obama was once hailed as such a messiah that Oprah introduced him in 2007 as “the one,” and it became his moniker."

"In the end, Obama didn’t overthrow the Clinton machine. He enabled it."

"It turns out, who we choose is not really about our souls. It’s just politics, man."

Well, maybe Dowd will become so disillusioned she will never write again. We can only hope.

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