Monday, July 25, 2016

The Left Gave Us Hitler, They Gave Us Nixon, and They're Determined to Give Us Trump

You can look it up.

In 1932 the Left-the Marxists who back then all Stalinists-did what they could to discourage voting for the Social Democrats. Sure, Hitler was a bad guy, they said. But the SDs were just 'Social Fascists' themselves. The original false equivalence.

Then in 1968 the Left hated LBJ beyond all reason. They claimed it was about Vietnam but at some point it became personal. Despite everything LBJ had done for liberals, they wanted to destroy him.

Destroying him was more important than stopping the war. They had their 1968 riots and then we got Nixon. Hubert Humphrey may well have stopped the war. This was the belief of Daniel Ellsberg who would know if anyone would-he was from the Pentagon and released the Pentagon Papers.

But the Left wanted to destroy Democrats not liberal enough, not stop the war much less stop Nixon.

Tonight, much of what we're seeing so far is like a junior high school homeroom with kids throwing around spitballs. They claim to believe in a progressive platform. Yet when Bernie himself told them about it they booed him.

It's not about beating Trump for them. Just destroying Hillary Clinton. That's all they ever cared about. She was for a $12  federal MW and Bernie was for $15. Trump wants to end the federal MW and lower wages overall.

They're answer was: Trump and Hillary are equally evil. Now the Dem platform says $15 federal MW.

This doesn't excite them in the least. Why? Because they don't care about a $15 MW. They care about denying Hillary Clinton the Presidency. It's an aesthetic obsession.

You had the California Bernie delegates screaming 'Lock her up, locker her up."

See this is what I argued earlier today. For the Left the enemy is never the Right but the Center. Ditto for the Right. Both agree in opposition to the Center.

Ok. Some good news. Bernie is trying,

He's legitimately worried.

Ben Jealous gave a great speech which was not unexpected after what he was saying on Twitter earlier.

Symone D. Sanders-who of course was for Bernie Sanders-is also saying the right thing:

"But let me be clear - NO ONE STOLE THIS ELECTION! Team Sanders we did AMAZING WORK. But we lost. It's a hard reality for some."

That might be what got his Berners maddest: when he mentioned the real world.

But Bernie, you'd taught them there is no such thing.

P.S. Great idea from Tom Brown:

"I feel like getting on a plane to Philly right now with about 1000 pro-TPP signs just to break up the monotony a bit.."

I'll drink to that. And I don't even drink...


  1. Bernie to them now is just some abstraction: some mythical empty vessel onto which they can project all their fantasies... it would help if he were dead (especially under suspicious circumstances so that blame could be assigned directly to Hillary) and didn't keep popping up to let them know what he really thinks! What a buzz kill that old fart is!

    They've built up in their brains a fantasy about what a demon Clinton is which is only rivaled by the feverish fantasies of the right. She's become Marie Antoinette in the minds of these blood thirsty "revolutionaries," much as the actual Marie Antoinette became a demon fantasy "Marie Antoinette" (utterly divorced from reality) to the revolution crazed Parisian mobs of 1793.

    They won't be satisfied until she's dressed in sack-cloth, her head is shorn and she's conveyed to the guillotine in the back of a filthy tumbrel (along with the rest of her family and supporters).

  2. Indeed. Bernie has created a monster he can't control

    1. Lorenzo from Oz (whom I've always taken to be a Trumpster) posted this link for Scott. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it seems interesting: