Monday, July 25, 2016

Ben Jealous to Green Party Voters: Use a Calculator

I think the Dems will be able to get past the DNC leaks mess. It is shocking though the mess the hackers managed to cause.

But Bernie and his team have been clear that they're gratified DWS has stepped down and it's time to unify.

"I think for everybody else in the world, this was really sort of bringing it out in black and white. But look, this happened. We knew it happened then," Weaver told CNN's "New Day." "Now is the time to go forward. The thing to do now is elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump. That's what we have to do."

Wasserman Schultz "did the right thing" by resigning, Weaver continued, adding, "I think now is the time for party unity."

"I think she put the party ahead of herself. She stepped back. I think we're going to have a chance to turn the page," Weaver said. "We're going to have new leadership there. I think we're going to have a new direction in the party. I think we'll be really ready to fight in the fall."

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“There's nothing in his speech about DWS. I don't expect that to change,” said Michael Briggs, Sanders’ chief spokesman.

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While Hillary supporters have had our disagreements with Ben Jealous in the primary give him a lot of credit for acting in a unifying way now.

"If you don't think Nader's Green Party Campaign for #POTUS helped W win FL, please use a calculator when you do your homework. #NeverTrump"

"@BenJealous showing really strong leadership to help bridge that gap between @BernieSanders voters and @HillaryClinton voters. #UniteBlue

"Well-meaning weak 3rd party candidates won't win. But @JillStein4Pres will make it easier for @realDonaldTrump to become #POTUS #NeverTrump"

It's very powerful that he of all people-who's been very critical of Hillary-is saying this.

"W suppressed #civilrights. All signs say @realDonaldTrump will too. History has been too hard on my people to stand silent as it's repeated."

If you want anyone out there saying it, it's him. Thank you Ben Jealous for seeing the big picture. Not sure what's wrong with Van Jones.

Hopefully voices like Ben Jealous-and Bernie will lead the day.


  1. The far left and the far right have been watching too many comic book based super hero movies IMO. They've both gone into la la land.

  2. HuffPo piece on reckless endangerment of ordinary women in Turkey by Wikileaks:

  3. Bernie should address the protesters regarding the Wikileaks DNC emails and say:

    "These emails reveal nothing we didn't already know: some of the DNC staffers were biased against our campaign. When it comes down to it, so what? Yes, they expressed vile views about my religion, but did they also expressed that to do anything about was NOT a good idea! In short, there's absolutely NO evidence that the minority of staffers who were biased translated any of that that bias into any damage to our campaign. Secretary Clinton won the election fairly, and furthermore she graciously listened to my concerns and has moved significantly to the left on many important issues. I support her on this and I'm committed to seeing that Donald Trump is NOT our next (and maybe last) president! I urge ALL of you to do likewise! This is a time of national emergency, and to play games now is nothing short of an act of wanton destruction of the Republic! With Hillary in office, our most of our policy dreams will be advanced significantly and the rest will live to see another day. That is not the case with Trump, who's overtly fascist and authoritarian views are antithetical to everything we stand for!!"

  4. This has been something worrying me for months now: the tradition of giving the candidates a national security briefing. Ryan was gung-ho to prevent Hillary from getting one, but in light of this emergying Putin-trump special relationship, what about the prospect of giving Trump one?:

  5. Dems now need to act as if Putin is reading every email they write. They should put big posters of a creepy looking Putin (no shortage of those) with a creepy looking Trump and Assange (no shortage of those either) hovering in the background and with the words "Write emails as if these men are reading them!!"

  6. I give HDS sufferer Susan Wright at RedState credit here for keeping on topic about the real story in these DNC leaks:

  7. Ben Jealous, awesome. I saw him just a few days ago on MSNBC ... Maddow's show. She asked if he was endorsing HRC and he said "I haven't been asked." Maddow turned to the camera after the segment was over and said "I don't know if the Clinton campaign watches this show, but you *might* want to give Ben a call... he's listed. Look him up!"

    It sounds like somebody DID do that!