Monday, July 25, 2016

Shouldn't there be a Congressional investigation into "whether Putin is interfering in the American election?"

It''s a very good question but the real shock is who's asking it: would you believe Bill Kristol?

"Donald J. Trump is the presidential nominee of the Republican party. But that does not absolve every Republican office holder, donor, and activist from the responsibility of satisfying himself that it is right to support that nominee for president. There are, in my judgment, many reasons to doubt this is the case. But one reason in particular hasn't received sufficient consideration: The fact that Trump and his top campaign aide have many troubling connections with Vladimir Putin's regime."

"Honest and patriotic Republicans who support Trump, or are tempted to do so, should review some of the publicly available evidence. Trump's business seems to be heavily dependent on Russian investment. His top campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, was theadvisor to the Putin-backed stooge Viktor Yanukovich, and has deep ties to the Putin apparat. One of Trump's national security advisors, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, was paid to give a speech at a Russian propaganda celebration and was seated next to Putin. Trump's Russia advisor Carter Page,who does much of his business with Russian companies, has argued, among other things, that "a few officials in Washington" annexed Ukraine and that the "so-called annexation" of Crimea by Russia was a rational response to this injustice."

"Furthermore, practically the only change Trump's campaign made to the GOP platform was to weaken language supporting Ukraine. Wikileaks, which appears to have connections to Putin's espionage apparatus, has released emails that are damaging to Hillary Clinton immediately before the Democratic convention. Trump heartily approves of this interference by a foreign power in an American election. They apparently intend to do the same with emails hacked from Clinton Foundation servers. Finally, Trump, to the cheers of the Kremlin establishment, has said he will not uphold our NATO commitments."

It's dizzying how quick things have changed. In 2012 Romney was talking like he wanted a return of the Cold War. GOPers regularly claim Obama is weak on Russia. They still now blame he and Hillary for the 'reset with Russia.'

Now they have nominated Putin's favored candidate.

"These indications provide sufficient grounds for Trump's links to Putin to be further investigated. Politicians who are currently supporting Trump should withdraw their unconditional support "until," as Mr. Trump might say, "we can figure out what's going on." One thing that would help us figure out what's going on is if Trump—and Manafort—released their tax returns. They of course haven't done so. Indeed, it's striking that neither seems even to have put his current business interests in any kind of blind trust. So we don't know how direct and close a financial relationship Trump and Manafort have with the Putin regime."

Ok, look. The RNC is not going to investigate Trump while he's still running. But they should investigate these leaks which have a clear agenda of influencing an election.


  1. Meanwhile Jennifer Rubin thinks that Hillary might want to re-purpose (definitely not Plagiarize though! Lol) a speech given at the 1984 Republican convention:

  2. Yesterday I posted you a link to the 1st part of this Trumpkin's lexicon by NR's Jay Nordlinger. Here's part 2:

    It's actually pretty good (at least the 1st part was). It's funny! You can hear his frustration in dealing with Trump-zombies and all their stupid phrases:

    globalist (globalists are bad and opposed to nationalists, which are good)

    open borders
    William F. Cuckley
    neocohen (instead of neocon, get it?)

    I think the Bernie Bros have their own lexicon and some of the words overlap with the Branch Trumpidians: for example "establishment." Both groups spout this nonsense about being against the establishment.

    Here's Jay on that (from part 1):

    Every day, we hear that we are the “GOPe.” The “e” stands for “establishment.” In the Trumpite mind, people like me are The Man, whom The Donald and his forces are standing up to. I once wrote an essay on the use and abuse of the word “establishment,” and I won’t recapitulate it here. Suffice it to say that I think people should make arguments for or against various policies without recourse to bogey words such as “establishment.” Say what you believe and why, if you possibly can.

    Read more at:

    1. Here's another one the Trumpkins use that I wouldn't be surprised to hear has some overlap with the Bernie Bro lexicon:

      “Donor class.” You hear this a lot. It is a pejorative, of course. Probably, every candidate for office receives donations from people who support him. Trump has said that he is self-funding. But that is evidently not true. So he, too, has donors. Do they belong to the “class”? One of the reasons I rejected the Left, many years ago, is that they spoke constantly of “class.” No one could be an individual; everyone had to be shoved into a class. I now hear the same kind of language — ideological language, extremist language — from the Right. Someone said to me recently, “You’re working for your donor-class overlords.” This is kind of funny, when the initial shock wears off. Memo to donor-class overlords, or would-be overlords: National Review could use some. Believe me. Give us a call!

  3. Also Bernie should get out there and address the protesters in Philly. He's being used, and he needs to put a stop to it.

  4. Leon Wolf is on it too:

  5. I wrote about your HT on Sumner. Strong stuff by Scott. I'm not even mad at him for banning me from his comments section now. LOL. Not today anyway.

    Putin's pawn: in some ways candidate Trump is even worse than candidate Hitler was

    1. Did you see Morgan's comment to Trump? I can never understand what that guy is on about on a normal day, but he seems even more incoherent today (of course he's mad at Scott for writing the piece since he's a Trumpkin).

  6. Yes he was tweeting at me this morning. Told him to take a hike.

    In Sumner's comments he seems to be in love with Putin now. Amazing. Romney was practically calling for another Cold War in 2012.

    1. And as Jay Nordlinger at NR points out: even during the GOP convention bottom boy to the bottom boy (or the punk's punk) Chris Christie was complaining about the Dem's "reset" on Russia, and how it helped to empower them.

      Unfortunately Franz von Papen delusion syndrome is afflicting many sitting GOP senators, congressman and RNC staffers, including Preibus: they're imagining they can control Trump once he get's in power.

    2. Seriously though, how can anybody take him seriously? Now he's on about this "country club" concept, but he sounds like he belongs in a psych ward to me.