Sunday, July 31, 2016

386 and 915: the Two Numbers That Say it all About the Two Conventions

GOP convention speakers mentioned Donald Trump 386 times while Dem convention speakers mentioned HRC 915 times. Al Sharpton pointed this out on his show this morning.

This is why according to a PPP poll, Trump got little bounce in his unfavorable rating while HRC got a significant bounce.

Clinton's favorability now 45/51, compared to 39/54 pre-convention. Trump's is 36/58, compared to 35/58 before."

This is the GOP illusion that Jennifer Rubin criticized.

This has been the entire GOP playbook until now. Demonize Hillary as 'unlikeable' and a 'terrible candidate' and this is enough to guarantee victory. 

So their entire argument is: Vote for Donald Trump he's not Hillary Clinton. 

This is particularly weak sauce as many believe Trump is a literal aspiring fascist and that even if you don't love HRC, she won't end the Republic or end elections for all time, or bomb Russia once Trump realizes Putin is just using him as a patsy. 

Because Trump is such a trainwreck, the Dems had a lot more time to reintroduce Hillary to America, to build her up, and correct the record. 

And Mitt Romney doesn't sound so #NeverTrump himself even though he's not voting for Trump. 

"To be honest, it’s very possible in my view that Trump wins,” Romney said. “I wouldn’t think it’d be by a landslide, but I think he could win. I think he could lose, I think he could lose by a landslide. But, I don’t know which it’s going to be and a lot of that depends on what happens to Hillary Clinton. Is there a meltdown moment, or some implosion of some kind?”

"The former GOP nominee went on to say that he finds Clinton inauthentic, and that she is attempting act like her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in order to gain votes, calling her an "awful candidate."

“You can’t forget that Hillary Clinton is a player as well, and she’s an awful candidate. People don’t trust her, they don’t like in my view she comes across as not being at all authentic," Romney said.

“There are serious women leaders who don’t go into an audience and put their arms up in the air and make a big guffaw kind of smile," he said. "It’s almost like she’s acting like she’s Bill Clinton and she’s not Bill Clinton. Nonetheless, it doesn’t come across well.”

"Romney said he will still not vote for Trump or Clinton and would write in another Republican's name if he doesn't like the choices of third-party candidate."

1. Romney calls her 'inauthentic' but the only example he gives makes it sound like what he means by inauthentic is 'unbecoming a woman.'

2. He too is selling the GOP lie that she's an awful candidate.

3. Which makes you wonder if he's really #NeverTrump. He sounds more like #NotVoting4TrumpThoughCoolWithHimWinning.

You want my guess a lot of them are. With President Trump they could get a lot of things they want like the end of Obamacare, huge tax cuts for the rich and they could destroy Planned Parenthood.

4. Romney is the wrong person to call someone inauthentic. He has not had an authentic moment since he started running for President nine years ago.

In 2012 he ran against his own healthcare law. He now rightly demands Trump releases his tax returns. But in 2012 Romney was very reluctant to do the same. Finally he did it late in the cycle, and even then, only for two years.

While he criticizes Trump, remember that Romney was the hardliner on immigration in 2012-though not anywhere near as far as Trump would go.

Romney's gendered attack on Hillary reminds us that Trump did not win the GOP nomination in some vacuum somewhere. The GOP leaders like Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio, created this space.

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