Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump's Cease and Desist Letter to Ghostwriter Less Impressive Than Legal Zoom

David Frum observes this.

" has more impressive lawyer’s letters. Does Team Trump suck at everything?"

Good question. With the charges of plagiarism in the air-Trump has now officialy thrown his own wife under the bus-this is a great time for Trump to get in a legal wrangle with the man who really wrote Art of the Deal.

We're seeing that Trump's team sucks at everything. And this contradicts his whole premise that he'll hire the best people to advise him in the WH. Imagine if he manages America-and it's foreign policy-like he's managed this convention?

It's been the Keystone Cops.

More from David Frum:

“Ronald Reagan would be ashamed,” says Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser. And he’s right."

“Hillary Clinton will defend our allies.” It burns, it scalds.

“Ronald Reagan would be ashamed,” says Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser. And he’s right.

As Jonathan Chait says, Ted Cruz becomes the unlikely symbol of the anti Vichy regime.

"Republicans in Chaos Must Decide Whether to Elect a Madman."

"When he took the stage in Cleveland, Ted Cruz had no way of knowing that Donald Trump had given a New York Times interview repudiating America’s right even to disapprove of authoritarianism and backing away from its commitment to defend NATO allies against a Russian invasion. (“I don’t think we have a right to lecture,” Trump said of the crackdown in Turkey. “Look at what is happening in our country,” he said. “How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?”) It is not even certain that Cruz was thinking in moral terms at all. But the interview retroactively justified Cruz’s extraordinary decision to take the stage in prime time and decline to endorse his party’s nominee, even as boos rained down."

"In light of the risks presented by Trump, who might break the rule of law and the democratic form of government, his party has offered a strange message. Rather than tamp down the fears of what he would do, they have inflamed them. This message came through in the warmup speakers. Former Trump business associate Phil Ruffin declared, “a tsunami is coming and his name is Donald Trump.” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi warned, “November 8th is going to be a day of reckoning.” Mike Pence’s speech accepting the vice-presidential nomination promised, “when Donald Trump is president, the change will be huge.” He sneered at Hillary Clinton as “the secretary of the status quo.”

"The status quo does not sound so bad as an alternative to the election of a madman. And this, intentionally or not, formed the message of Cruz’s snub. If the Trump campaign had realized how the event would play out – booing and chaos on the floor, delegates screaming that Cruz was a traitor, and the image of disunity prevailing – they would never have given Cruz a speaking slot. Cruz may well be motivated by strategy as much as principal – he alone among the major contenders refused to endorse Trump, giving him sole ownership of what may be a large slice of the party electorate in 2020. Competitors like Marco Rubio and Scott Walker look like midgets next to Cruz now. And to the extent non-strategic considerations drove his decision, he may have understandably held a grudge against Trump’s petty insults against him, his father, and wife."

Agreed. Rubio, Walker-to say nothing of Christie-look very small comparatively.


  1. The ghostwriter was on Bill Maher last night: his message was simple: Trump is a 100% evil sociopath who will likely end civilization as we know it if he's elected, though sheer ego-driven stupidity and complete lack of concern for anyone else on the planet.

  2. If he means this he should be speaking at the Dem convention next week

    1. He also thinks Trump has never read a whole book in his life (except maybe the ones ghost written for him), and that his attention span is almost non-existent. My DVR cut out right in the middle of his comments, so I don't know everything he said. Oh, and no surprise, he's being sued by Trump. Although he says his time with Trump was prior to his paranoid obsession with non-disclosure agreements, so he's not too worried. Maher, having been sued by Trump himself, said "Welcome to the club!" ... it would have been hilarious if he'd then asked the rest of the panel if they'd all been sued by Trump and then turned to the audience and said "Give a shout out if you've been sued by Trump!"

  3. Speaking of Trump's total lack of empathy, he did it: thew Melania totally under the bus. Wow

    1. I hope she files for divorce immediately.

    2. He went out of his way. He said 'Everyone's been so nice to Melania. None of them blamed her.'

      Then he has that Meredith McIVer come forward and suggest that it was all Melania's fault.