Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did Donald Trump Violate the Foreign Agent Act?

The NY Times article about Trump asking Russia to hack Hillary's emails was the most commented on Times article ever with 9200 comments.

Legal scholar Laurence Tribe stated last night on Lawrence O'Donnell that Trump's surreal request to Russia is a violation of the Foreign Agent Act. The FAA makes it criminal to work with foreign powers to influence an election.

Then there's the fact Trump continues to solicit foreign donations.

He also, argues Tribe, may have violated the Logan Act.  DailyNewsBin has more on the Logan Act:

"Republican nominee Donald Trump seemed to commit treason in the practical sense of the word this week when he publicly asked Russian hackers to continue interfering with the Presidential election he’s currently running in – but it left the nation scratching its head and trying to figure out if what he had just done was an actual crime. As it turns out, the law he broke has been on the books since before Donald Trump was born – and it’s a felony."

"If you haven’t much about the Logan Act lately, that’s because it was first signed into law a by President who is no longer in office; his name was John Adams. Initially aimed at preventing private U.S. citizens from interfering with government business by negotiating directly with hostile governments (which in 1799 was France), it also applies equally to a U.S. citizen who happens to be running for President while negotiating with a hostile power like Russia."

"The catch is that Donald Trump has to have been attempting to negotiate with the government of Russia, and not merely some random Russian criminal hackers. There is already strong evidence that the Russian hackers who got into the DNC emails were in fact agents of Vladimir Putin’s government. If Trump was already aware of this fact when he went before reporters today and asked these hackers to continue doing his bidding, then he undeniably violated the Logan Act of 1799."

"If any argument were to be made that the Logan Act might be too obsolete to be applied practically in modern American society, that argument goes out the window once one learns that it was legally amended as recently as 1994. In other words, unless it turns out Donald Trump somehow wasn’t aware that the Russian hackers he was appealing to weren’t a part of the Russian government, he did in fact commit a felony today under federal law."

For more:

"An amazing debate is taking place among serious analysts and journalists in the United States regarding the relationship between the Republican nominee for President and the Russian state."

"This debate is not taking place on the fringes, or in internet comments, but instead in the pages of the New York Review of Books, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Slate, and elsewhere. The participants are undeniably substantive—editors of famed magazines, Pulitzer Prize winners, and authors of esteemed books on Russia, its leader, and its history."

"This high-power group is debating whether Donald Trump is a tool, wittingly or unwittingly, of Russian President Vladimir Putin."

"On the “yes” side is a remarkable lineup of intellectual firepower. There’s this remarkable essay by Franklin Foer; there’s this piece from Anne Applebaum; there’sthis one from Paul Krugman; and there’s this from Josh Marshall. On the other side of the ledger, in addition to the weird comments both from official Russian sources and from Trump himself, is this essay by Putin foe Masha Gessen, who sees the entire Trump-Putin meme as a distraction from the deeply American dangers of Trump."

So you have this amazing Unholy Trinity of Putin, Wikileaks, and Trump


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