Sunday, July 24, 2016

RT if you're more concerned Vladimir Putin assisting Donald Trump than Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Bernie himself is doing the right thing. Yes, he demanded his pound of flesh in DWS' head on a silver platter.

But at least he's letting it go now and is ready to defeat Trump.

Some of the Berners on line are still huffing and puffing after getting their pound of flesh. They want more. But it's over with. 

But what really concerns me is what I wrote in the title. This is actually a direct quote of David Samples who gets it exactly right. 

Please RT if you're more concerned Vladimir Putin assisting @realDonaldTrump than Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This is absolutely chilling.

"Clinton campaign — and some cyber experts — say Russia is behind email release."

"A top official with Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Sunday accused the Russian government of orchestrating the release of damaging Democratic Party records in order to help the campaign of Republican Donald Trump — and some cyber security experts in the U.S. and overseas agree."

"The extraordinary charge came as some national security officials have been growing increasingly concerned about possible efforts by Russia to meddle in the election, according to several individuals familiar with the situation."

"Late last week, hours before the records were released by the website Wikileaks, the White House convened a high-level security meeting to discuss reports that Russia had hacked into systems at the Democratic National Committee."

"Although other experts remain skeptical of a Russian role, the hacking incident has caused alarm within the Clinton campaign and also in the national security arena. Officials from various intelligence and defense agencies, including the National Security Council, the Department of Defense, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, attended the White House meeting Thursday, on the eve of the email release."

"If the accusation is true, it would be the first time the Russians have actively tried to influence an election in this manner, analysts said."

"Her campaign chief, Robby Mook, told ABC News on Sunday that “experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke in to the DNC, took all these emails and now are leaking them out through these Web sites ... It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.”

"Trump campaign officials rejected the suggestion as absurd."

"The Washington Post reported last month that Russian government hackers broke into the DNC files and pulled opposition files on Trump and gained access to other material."

Let's face it: Putin has tipped his hand.

Chris Hayes:

"The entire RNC/Trump campaign trolling on behalf of Sanders supporters is setting some kind of disingenuousness record."

"So just bracket all that and focus on the hack. Looks like the hack was carried off with Russian digital fingerprints."

"Maybe under auspices of state intelligence (as reported by some) or not. I have no idea. But the release of this info at this moment."

"Is clearly intended to do maximum political damage to Democrats on the eve of the convention. Those facts *alone* are unnerving."

"This is all part of a broader Brave New World we entered w/ large-scale hacks of private orgs as means of political warfare or propoganda."

Hayes warns:

"BTW,there are almost certainly *many more* of these emails, and more damning ones and it's likely they'll be rolled out through the election."

So this is happening. Is there anyway the Berners don't let Russia and Assange play them like a violin?


  1. From Erick Erickson:

    If you have not paid attention, the Trump campaign operates essentially as a subsidiary of the Kremlin. In fact, Trump is now calling for the dissolution of NATO and worked to weaken the Republican platform on Ukraine. Both were goals of Vladimir Putin and both are being accomplished by Donald Trump.

    I and others have noted for months that much of the online troll army supporting Trump are operated out of Moscow. In fact, the New York Times reported on a number of Twitter accounts peddling “ebola in America.” The reporters documented that those accounts were run out of Moscow and the twitter trolls themselves admitted it. Now some of those accounts are pro-Trump accounts.

    Likewise, Trump has major financial backing in his businesses by Russian oligarchs. The Trump SoHo project was secretly funded, in part, by Russians.

    He links to this on TPM which you've probably already seen:

  2. Replies
    1. I suspect you'll take issue with parts of what he wrote (as I did), but overall that's some good information in the article.

    2. What's super ironic is in light of this NR glossary of Trump phrases:

      is the "globalist" charge that Trumpkins level at both their GOP and Dem opponents.

      Trump is the ultimate globalist, with the Russian money he takes and his ties to Putin.

  3. Some good news: Bloomberg to endorse Hillary:

    This Putin thing I think could give cover to any high profile person in the country to denounce Putin in the strongest possible terms and cast shade on the insertion in the GOP platform of pro-Russian planks.

    Erickson is right: this is serious shit.

    1. It really is. For Russia to be directly interfering in a US election is chilling.

    2. That's the real scandal not that the DNC had its finger on the scale as it didn't but that Putin has his finger on the scale

  4. This is funny: in the comments two conservatives get into it accusing each other of being Hillary supporters!

    Like two Maoists accusing each other of being "running dog capitalists!"

  5. LOL. Yes National Review has done a lot of good anti Trump work going back to their huge magazine anti Trump piece in the primary where the whole thing was devoted to anti Trump