Monday, July 25, 2016

If You're Not Watching the Dem Convention, You Should Be

I just switched at the recommendation of other Hillary supporters and am shocked.

Seriously, I've never watched CSPAN for a convention before. I sure am glad I found it.

Remember what they used to say about tv: the medium is the message.

Certainly the choice of channel here makes all the difference in the world. I can actually hear the speakers. MSNBC and CNN keep their cameras fixed on the Bernie supporters all night.

Listen, I've said it before: most Bernie voters are not the problem. Most are voting for Hillary as Bernie's rapid response guy is pointing out.

The Berners-most Bernie voters are not Berners-have brought shame to themselves tonight

The CA delegation had that disgusting Trump chant, "Lock her up!"

They booed John Lewis. There was a strong speech by Ben Jealous.

But if you watch CSPAN you get a much better picture. And while I love Rachel Maddow, it's nice not to have the speech interrupted every other second like cable news.

There commentary is more important than the speeches.

I worry though, about John Q. Public. You know, not Hillary or Bernie diehards, not even hardcore Dems-or Repubs-watching cable news and saying 'The Dem convention is like romper room. I'm going to bed.'

If you watch CSPAN you actually get to hear the speeches and see the convention rather than all cameras and audio by the peanut gallery. 


  1. I'm embarrassed at the behavior of some of my fellow Californians... which I don't understand completely since Hillary easily won California. I guess just because it's a big delegation, there's bound to be a sizeable number of nuts in there as well. Fruits and nuts. That's what we say we have here in California! Lol.

  2. Mike, what do you think the overlap is between ex-Firebaggers and Berners?

    Maybe they should join the American Communist party instead. Where they can insist on 100% purity and not every being sullied with actual responsibility governing anything. Much like Trump has managed to keep himself unsullied.

    And I'm hearing your distinction between Bernie supporters and Berners. It's an important one.

    1. To be clear, I mean Trump is unsullied with government, but he's sullied plenty outside that.

  3. To me there is very high correlation between Berners and Firebaggers. This is why I wasn't surprised by the rise of the Berners.

    I saw the tendency already win the Firebaggers who hated Obama fully as much as the Berners hate Hillary

    1. Do you like my new name for them?