Friday, July 22, 2016

The Longest Acceptance Speech Ever and the Darkest

It's amazing, but his 80 minute speech is the longest acceptance speech ever by a Presidential nominee.

What makes is so amazing is that there was not one single policy specific in the entire long bromide.

Last night I suggested that those who liked that speech would also like Hitler's acceptance speech.

Maybe some want to call it hyperbole. But there are so many similarities between Trump and the fascists of history.

And so little with any American Presidents.

Here's another: the length. Hitler and Mussolini used to give these super long bromides of oratory that I guess you weren't free to get bored of.

Or maybe you could, but admitting it publicly could be a problem.

I'm glad to hear Ezra Klein is scared. I'd be more afraid if he weren't.

But, if you're afraid: then vote. I wonder about people who act as if we have no power over this.

Jamil Smith:

"Trump's speech is over, at last. Register to vote, folks."

I guess what is worrisome are those who protest Trump at a rally yet don't vote. Like Obama always says: 'Don't boo, vote.'

Angry Black Lady has a way of getting to the point:

"Don't be a pants shitter. Just fucking vote."

"I refuse to believe that the coalition of people who put Obama's Black ass in the White House will allow Trump's orange ass to replace it."

Speaking of voting, I find this really weird by Chris Cillizza. He tweeted yesterday that he doesn't vote, never has.

This not so surprising. I've long since suspected that a lot of these Beltway types convince themselves that to be an objective reporter, you shouldn't vote.

Anderson Cooper also doesn't vote.

So does this mean they think elections are of no consequence? In a sense, they are objectively voting for Trump this cycle.

Not all reporters don't vote. It's a debate in newsrooms.

Good piece by Phillip Bump-whether he votes or not!

"By creating a fake sense of crisis, Trump’s speech raised questions about how he’d handle a real one."


  1. "By creating a fake sense of crisis, Trump’s speech raised questions about how he’d handle a real one."

    Ooo ooo, I know (w/o even reading your link): Like Erdogan!

  2. Christie is disgusting:

    Re: all those Tea Party types: For all the Tea Party bullshit and cries of "but the constitution!!!" ... in the end all it took was a Cheeto Jesus, and their true (orange) colors came through bright as the sun: They could give a fuck about the constitution, they want a personal savior and they're HAPPY to accept authoritarianism to get it.

    Where's Rand Paul in this? Where's his dad? Why aren' they freaking out???

    Anybody who ***DARES*** call themselves a "constitutional conservative" or Libertarian should be shitting bricks right now: Trump is the antithesis of that.

    Where's the word "constitution" in Trump's speech? Where's "liberty," "freedom," "small government?"

    Erickson and Wolf nail it there!

    Levin isn't as bad as Beck, but he's a poser too if he isn't freaking out about that right now. Instead he's still worried about defending Cruz. He really needs to pull his head from his ass.

  3. Hillary should make a play for the Libertarians!!!

    She should talk up the constitution. She should emphasize "This isn't about any ONE person being in power, this is about ideals and principles and policies!!!"

    She should use the words that Trump skipped: Liberty, freedom, ... and dare I say it... SMALL GOVERNMENT!!!!

    She could totally make a play for that crowd and next to Trump actually be credible doing it!!!

    She should emphasis how she's going to get our deficit under control (Trump's has ZERO concern for that... and in fact his "plan" would make our deficit EXPLODE).

    She should acknowledge but speak directly to the constitutional conservatives and the libertarians and emphasize these points.

  4. Mike, check out the titles on RedState today: they get it. There are Mushroom clouds and titles about how opposite Trump is to what they stand for. If they are principled people who actually believe in the conservative crap, then Trump should (and apparently does) scare the poop out of them!

    Others to look up today (to see where they stand): National Review, George Will, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer (I'm worried about "Chuck" ... I think he may be becoming a Trumpkin).

    I gotta hit the road... my dad is 99 today, and he's having an impromptu party.

    But have a good day Mike! and keep hammering them!!

    1. Wow. 99 is impressive. Tell him happy Bday for me.

      Krauthammer has been a Trumpster since the general I think.

      If any conservative doesn't speak against Trump it's a bad sign.

      If they mostly talk about 'progressives' like Beck, it's a very bad sign

    2. This will be a big day for your dad. But next year will be even bigger...

    3. BTW, My Dad's 99th went off w/o a hitch. All five of his children were there. I rode over with my next oldest brother (I'm the youngest, and he and I are the two atheist siblings and the only two kids of my dad's 2nd wife) who lives relatively near me, and his son (my nephew) and I couldn't help myself talking their ears off for 2.5 hours in the car about the election on the way. But once we arrived and met up with my other siblings (three of which are fundamentalists, two of which are wing-nuts, and one of which is also a REAL nut (he's the kind that emphatically says things like "Liberalism is a mental disease!! No, it IS!!" ... [i.e. right out of Limbaugh's mouth into his brain])), I shut up about politics, and we had a relatively politics free celebration. =)

      I gave my brother and my nephew a break on the way back. (They probably actually now dread being in a confined place with me more so than with my wingnut oldest half bro... Lol).

      Actually despite their various degrees of nutty ideas, all my siblings are really great people, as well as my dad and his wife and family and ancient old friends, so it was nice to put politics aside for a bit (and conspiracy theories, in the case of my oldest half bro [thank you non-existent Jesus for his wife, whom I'm 90% sure lectures him in the car on the way over to keep politics and conspiracy theories off the conversation menu prior to family gatherings]) .... so we could all share something in common!!

  5. OK, I'll give streiff credit for being "done" with the GOP under Trump (the tGOP or GOPt (to contrast w/ Trumpkins when they write GOPe for establishment GOP)), but the reason he does it is laughable:

    Pull your head out streiff!!!! That was fucking Hitler on the stage last night... it's not a time to worry about petty cultural grievances like that!!

  6. Mike, it really sounds like Bernie gets it. I'd say better than Warren. What if Hillary surprised everyone and put him on the ticket? That would kick Trump's LAME effort to grab Bernie supporters right in the nards, and Bernie's job could be to fire people up against fascism and one-man rule.

    I know it's a crazy idea, but shoot, Tim Kaine I know nothing about, but just the name sounds boring... plus he's got that issue with legal but bad looking gifts he accepted, right?

    I look at this as a time of national emergency: time for bold moves to save the republic.

  7. It won't be Bernie. Just saying.

    And I don't really want him either.

    Bernie will certainly be a big part of the effort.

    I do agree it's a time of national emergency but I don't think that's necessary.

    Kaine makes sense under the theory that you should 'first do n harm.'

    I don't know that I agree Bernie does it better than Warren. She does very well too.

    Historically VPs don't have much effect.

    But we'll see. I'm going to trust HRC to make the right choice