Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump's Meltdown: None Dare Call it Treason

This is getting surreal. Trump was held a press conference where he went total full tilt-even for him.

"So, is it accurate to say that Trump is melting down right now in his press conference? Asking for a friend."

"No such thing for him."

But shouldn't there be?

Brian Beutler:

"If Obama walked up to the mics at any point since 2008 and gave that presentation, it'd be remembered as the meltdown that ended his career."

I agree with Lindsey Adler:

The American people who plan to try to vote this clown into office owe the rest of us an apology.

Tom Brown you might get a kick out of this: I blocked Morgan Warstler on Twitter. Nanute loved it, asked me what took me so long? True, I had a lot more patience with him than others. But finally today was the day.

I told him if he loves Trump so much then here's a Trump move for him: then I cut off his mic. Ie, blocked him on Twitter.

This is simply surreal. He is saying he hopes Putin hacked Hillary's state emails and releases them soon.

Good thing, he claims to have no ties with Russia. Otherwise he could put in a phone call from Manafort to get this done.

"Trump coordinated with Russia in a way that'd be illegal if Russia were a SuperPAC, to do something it'd be illegal for a SuperPAC to do."

Jeffrey Goldberg:

"To recap: Donald Trump just asked the Kremlin to commit a crime against an American citizen. Now back to questions about Don Jr."

A citizen who is his political opponent. No wonder he and Christie get along so famously, the shutting down a bridge to punish your political enemies is small stuff compared to this.

I asked @realDonaldTrump:"Would you as president want to recognize #Crimea as Russian, lift sanctions?" - "Yes we would be looking at that"

David Frum:

"It’s not just a series of coincidences, folks."

The Russian connection. Remember when Mitt Romney accused Obama of being soft on Putin? Or criticized Hillary for giving the Russians a 'reset' button?

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he hoped Russian hackers would be able to find missing emails from competitor Hillary Clinton’s personal email server."

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you’ll be rewarded mightily by our press!” Trump said during a news conference Wednesday.

"The GOP nominee’s comments came after WikiLeaks released Democratic National Committee emails that illustrate top party leaders’ bias toward Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee. DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigned as a result of the document leak, which has been linked to Russian hackers and all but confirmed by U.S. intelligence officials."

"The comments seemingly encourage foreign countries to launch cyberattacks against not only the U.S. but against Clinton. Clinton is currently recovering from an intense Justice Department investigation of her use of a private email server to conduct business during her tenure as secretary of state. The agency admonished Clinton for being reckless and exhibiting back cybersecurity habits, but declined to file charges because there was no evidence that classified material was leaked intentionally or otherwise to unauthorized parties."

No worries. Trump now doubled down on Twitter.

"If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!"
No wonder I blocked Morgan Wasrtler. I want no part of anyone voting for this maniac. That includes peevish Berners voting for Jill Stein or writing in Bernie's name. 
What is also clear is that whatever is happening with Russia-and Trump's ties with Russia; and his manager, Paul Manafort-Wikileaks is using it's power to steal people's private communication-he claims to be some kind of transparency vigilante-to subvert an American election.
This is the problem with vigilantes. Who authorizes them to play God and who holds them accountable?
For more on Trump's urging Russia to hack Hillary's emails see this.


  1. Here's what I'd like to know from Morgan: would he spend his hard earned money on Trump University II? (assuming it was created?). Would he recommend somebody he cares about do that? If not, then WTF are you voting for this clown for???

  2. BTW, did you seem my comment about your previous post's title? Should "Shames Hillary Clinton" be "Sames Donald Trump?"

  3. Morgan is just a warped Right wing nut.

    1. It's amazing to me how supposedly libertarian types (like I imagined Morgan to be) suddenly shift to justifying and embracing Trump's obvious authoritarianism. (Trump didn't mention Uber once during his convention speech, did he?)

    2. Actually in a way his position is logical. He wants Obamacare gutted, along with Dodd-Frank,etc, which Trump has resolved to do.

      But as many are pointing out, what we're learning with the sudden turn on Russia, it was never about national security but white nationalism that motivates the Right

    3. In the comments on Sumner's Putin->trump post I got into a discussion about the term "neocohen" (as opposed to "neocon" which Art Deco has taken great offense to in the past) that NR's Jay Nordlinger handy lexicon of "How Trump Folks Talk" highlighted.

      Soon after Harding actually used the term himself in a comment. I asked Art "Why no lecture on political correctness? Surely 'neocohen' is more offensive than 'neocon', right?" Art blathered some noise as usual. This brought me to the true meaning of "cuck" which is so popular among Trump supporters (and which is also in Jay's lexicon). To me it clearly means "race traitor." And of course race traitors are those who promote blood mixing with "mud people" (which I asserted is approximately as insulting as "neocohen"). It was a fun discussion since I got to make fun of Harding (who didn't object to my "race traitor" interpretation BTW) as well as make fun of Deco for being the political correctness enforcer.

      But back to reality: This Russia shit should light a fire under the #NeverTrump crowd to put aside their own popularity with the GOP base mouth breathers and come out forcefully against stopping Trump no matter what. I'm talking the Bush family, Bob Dole, Romney, Kristol, sitting responsible GOP senators, governors and congressmen and women... they need to pull their heads out and do what they can to stop this maniac. Pull out all the stops. They need to explain it like Jason Taylor at TheResurgent does:

      You may not like Hillary, you may not Trust Hillary, but realistically folks, she will not fundamentally damage the country or the world like Mr. Trump will. Mr. Trump is simply a would be dictator and friend of Russia and the tyrant Putin. To hand him the presidency is an act of treason. (I'm paraphrasing of course).

      They need to get this going. If they were to do so, I think it's quite possible a tipping point could be reached wherein cynical power hungry traitors can be clearly identified as opposed to conservatives and Republicans who actually love this country. I can't think of a better event happening actually: quarantine Trump and his media supporters (Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity, Fox News, Coulter, Drudge, Michael Savage, and Palin) as a cancer that needs to be called out and excised, much like the Stalinist communists, the John Birch Society and the German American Bund were in times past. Trump and his media cheerleaders are actually sabotaging the USA, and it needs to made abundantly clear to the public. I think John McCain is perfect for leading the charge on this.

      Let's get Joe McCarthy on their asses: reconstitute HUAC and call Roger Ailes and Murdoch before it. Question his loyalty to the USA, etc.

      Let Mike Pence take the top of the GOP ticket, but call Trump before HUAC II and discredit him. REQUIRE him to disclose his tax returns.

    4. Another thing I'd like to ask Morgan: I get why some people might want a "Big Daddy" strong man white nationalist authoritarian who "tells it like it is" and isn't PC. But why pick Trump for that role? Wouldn't you at least want your ideal "strong man" to have an attention span over 30 seconds and be at least a little truthful, knowledgeable and curious about the world, and trustworthy? Wouldn't you want him to be smart? (imagine Trump playing chess against Putin). Wouldn't you want him to exhibit some evidence that he'd be a CAPABLE strong man??

      Re: "Big Daddy" ... that's actually how one of the GOP delegates described Trump's appeal to one of Samantha Bee's surrogates in Cleveland (in her show this past Monday). No shit! And that's precisely how Breitbart's self described "dangerous faggot" and obnoxious alt-Rightist Milo Yiannopoulos describes Trump (whom he adores). But then Milo is actually flamboyantly gay, and he brags about being what sounds like the "bottom" in his multitudinous hook-ups with random black dudes (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it just makes me wonder about anyone who *wasn't* like Milo describing Trump as their "Big Daddy").

      I'll tell you Mike, this whole election is making my head spin in amazement.

  4. Mike, I'm curious: was it one particular thing that Morgan tweeted, or was it just the cumulative effect?

    1. Maybe some what cumulative.

      But maybe it's my feelings toward Trump after his latest meltdown.

      This guy is seriously dangerous and I'm not interested in hearing from anyone who's trying to justify what is not justifiable.

      Morgan was his usual sophistical self. But I just don't feel like wasting the energy in engaging with his absurd arguments here.

      There's an opportunity cost in following him down the rabbit hole. I could be writing or reading or learning something more productive.

      Some arguments are not even worth engaging with.

      But as far as Morgan I was much more patient than most are with him.

      I think what changed was less how I feel about him than Trump. To me if you're voting for Trump you are a threat to me and this country.

  5. This is actually what Sumner is hoping for:
    Only he would prefer she find her inner Nixon and bury Trump now.

    1. Yes, a number of people have made the Hilary-Nixon connection which I do understand.

      He was really the last 'insider' President we elected.

    2. I'm reading a book right now from Michael Cohen, a Boston Globe writer who makes the case.

      Now he's like me in that he supports Hillary.

      So he means 'She's like Nixon but in a good way.'

      In a year of disorder-1968 like now 2016-Nixon was able to prevail by running for unity and bringing the country back together.

      He ran for the 'silent majority' who are the 'non protesters, the non looters, the non noise makers,' etc.

      I wrote about it.

    3. It's funny because Samantha Bee's show on Monday night explored the idea of Trump running as Law and Order Nixon.

      OK, now wouldn't the following scenario be ironic: Imagine that Trump creates such a shitstorm that Putin gets nervous about Trump's big mouth and decides to cut him loose: so he sends Trump's tax returns to the press! (of course I'm assuming he's already stolen those).

    4. Maybe some sort of good guy hackers like Anonymous can release Trump's? LOL

      Trump is trying to run as Nixon. But Trump is not the unity candidate but the disunity candidate.

  6. O'Reilly gets slammed by RedState for his "history lesson" on slavery:

    O'Reilly went on to say that he just couldn't stop letting his inner history teacher out, which, I think I can speak for everyone except for the denture-wearing racists who enjoy Bill O'Reilly's particular brand of makeup-covered hogwash, we all are thankful that he isn't doing in an actual place that purports to teach history.

  7. Beat me to it. LOL Make Russia Great Again

    1. Mike I already went to one of those online places where you can design your own hat and made up a prototype:


      Trump 2016

      I took a screen capture. I'll post it later and send you a link.

  8. I agree with Sumner. We could use Joe McCarthy now. Seriously, this deserves a Congressional probe into Trump, Manafort, Putin, and Julian Assange.

    What are the incestuous ties that links them together?

    1. Daily Beast reports that this might be a felony:

    2. Mike, every Sunday down along the beach in a place called "Shoreline Park" here in SB all the local artists go out to peddle their wares to the tourists. I know a woman who sells her own greeting cards here from a fold up table.

      I'm seriously thinking of putting together some anti-Trump merchandise like the "Make Russia Great Again!" hats... and the mushroom cloud with the yellow hair, and the pile of feces with yellow hair (probably on T-shirts) and see if I can sell a few.

      Here's what it looks like:

    3. Exactly. We need a Congressional probe of Trump and he's not even POTUS yet.